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Eight Of TXT’s Choi Soobin’s Most Iconic Fancams

Eight Of TXT’s Choi Soobin’s Most Iconic Fancams

TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Choi Soobin really is the perfect all-rounder. He balances his vocal, dance, rap, and song-writing skills, all whilst being an exemplary leader! If you asked us, we’d recommend that MOA watch all of his fancams, as well as the other four members of TXT. But seeing as we don’t have all day, here are eight of the Soobin fancams you simply need to see!

‘Fairy Of Shampoo’ At TXT’s COMEBACKSHOW

‘Fairy of Shampoo’ is Soobin’s song; we don’t make the rules – we just follow them! This song is so dreamy, and so is TXT’s leader! His acting skills really shine here as he embodies the song’s energy, and we love how much this concept suits Soobin’s vocal style.

‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ At Inkigayo 220515

Thursday’s Child might not be an era you automatically associate with Soobin; people tend to think of Yeonjun and Beomgyu, who are known for their ability to pull off darker concepts. Well, actually, despite his sweet and gentle nature, this era really suited TXT’s leader. You can especially see his acting skills shine here with the two different outfits and concepts. Even more so, we love that you get to see both off-stage Soobin and on-stage Soobin in this fancam.

‘CROWN’ At MCountdown 190307

Ok, now we’re throwing it all the way back. This performance of ‘CROWN’ is from four (4!) days after TXT’s debut, and Soobin is just the sweetest. We love that this video shows that Soobin has been incredibly talented and charismatic from the very start, but also we can see how much he’s grown since then. With a performance like this, it’s no wonder TXT captured MOA’s hearts from day one.


If you’re an MOA who has read any TXT articles on The Honey POP before, you already know that we never, ever shut up about the ‘No Rules’ choreography and dance practice. And this performance is no different! We’ll never get over how cool that knee slide is, and don’t even talk to us about Soobin’s hips.

‘Nine And 3 Quarters (Run Away)’ At MCountdown 191024

MOA already knew we had to include this one! It’s one of Soobin’s most watched fancams, and for good reason! He went viral as the “Adidas guy” for being “sexy without showing skin.” ‘Run Away’ is one of TXT’s most iconic title tracks, so it’s only right that there’s an iconic fancam to match!

‘LO$ER=LOVER’ At MusicBank 210625

At the time of writing, this fancam only has 84,000 views, which honestly seems, like, illegal or something. Taken from their Harley Quinn version of ‘LO$ER=LOVER,’ this fancam deserves to be as popular as the iconic performance is.

‘Opening Sequence’ At COMEBACKSHOW: Thursday’s Child

‘Opening Sequence’ is a unique song within TXT’s discography, and this performance proves it. This song shows us an entirely new side of Soobin while also giving us some of his best vocals to date!

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‘Dolphin’ At MusicBank 200724

We’re sorry, but you didn’t seriously think we’d let this one go, did you? We know we lulled you into a false sense of security, but we couldn’t exactly write this list without including his most viewed fancam. Taken from his time as a cohost on MusicBank, this video took over the K-Pop world! Soobin’s ‘Dolphin’ is basically the fancam equivalent of a rick-roll at this point.

What’s your fave Soobin fancam? Are there any missing from this list that should absolutely be on here? Let us know what you think over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or if that’s not your thing, you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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