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TXT Are ‘Good Boys Gone Bad,’ And We’re Scared Of Thursday’s Child’s Tracklist

TXT Are ‘Good Boys Gone Bad,’ And We’re Scared Of Thursday’s Child’s Tracklist

It’s less than a week to go until K-Pop frontrunners Tomorrow X Together release their brand new album minisode 2: Thursday’s Child on May 9th, and we are simply not emotionally prepared for what they’re about to unleash upon the world. TXT has now released the tracklist for minisode 2: Thursday’s Child and a sneaky little album preview. There’s so much to unpack already, but let us start with this: these song titles are phenomenal, and THP MOA are screaming.

Thursday’s Child has surpassed 1.4 million preorders, beating their personal best. There’s a reason why there’s more MOA than ever! Thursday’s Child also comes in four different versions: HATEENDMESS, and TEAR. Each version has its own concept, with some absolutely stunning photos of our fave 5-piece. 

The title track is called ‘Good Boy Gone Bad,’ and frankly, we’re terrified. Not only does the preview sound incredible, the concept photos look amazing, and the title leaves us shaking in our boots, but it also has writing credits from “rapmaker” Yeonjun.

4th Gen It Boys TXT transform themselves every era – just look at the difference between The Dream Chapter and The Chaos Chapter series’. With a title like ‘Good Boy Gone Bad,’ we can’t wait to see where TXT takes this idea of transformation.

TXT have also really proved themselves as frontrunners when it comes to genre and the future of pop music. TXT are at their best when they blend hip-hop and pop influences with pop-punk, grunge, and rock. You can really see that experimentation in the sound, concept, and aesthetic of this album already, and we’re so ready to see TXT continue to level up their artistry like this.

Thursday’s Child Tracklist:

  • ‘Opening Sequence’
  • ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’
  • ‘Trust Fund Baby’
  • ‘Lonely Boy’
  • ‘Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go’

And the thing we’re looking forward to most of all? Every single track has writing and production credits from the band themselves, once again proving themselves as true artists, at the top of their game.

‘Opening Sequence’ was written with Taehyun and Huening Kai. (And yes, we would like to spend all day talking about what a great title for an album opener that is.) ‘Trust Fund Baby’ was co-written by Yeonjun and Taehyun. The penultimate track ‘Lonely Boy’ is courtesy of Yeonjun, and the grand finale, ‘Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go,’ was co-written and co-produced by Beomgyu.

Whilst we are not even a little bit ready for TXT to blow our minds with this album, we are also counting down the hours until we get our hands on it. The Thursday’s Child tracklist really did a number on us, huh?

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Plus, with the recent announcement of TXT’s first-ever World Tour, we’re trying to manifest every single of these tracks on the setlist before we’ve even heard them.

Are you as excited for this comeback as we are? Which song from the Thursday’s Child tracklist are you claiming as yours? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

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