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Get To Know Rising Artist Sylo With These Five Tracks

Get To Know Rising Artist Sylo With These Five Tracks

Here at The Honey POP, we love introducing you to new artists making a splash in the music scene. And we’re so excited to introduce you to our current favorite, drumroll, please. Ladies and gents, meet Sylo!

The Toronto-based R&B artist has quickly become a fixture in our playlists, and we hope he becomes one in yours too! And a little birdie told us that he is getting ready to release not one but two new singles, ‘Bento Box’ and ‘American Idea,’ on May 5. To celebrate the upcoming singles, here are five must-have Sylo songs you need on your playlist ASAP!


The first track on our list is an absolute gem. ‘Ginny’ is just pure vibes, by all standards. The pure R&B track has an infectious bass melody that will make you instantly bop your head. In addition, Sylo’s velvety vocals tie everything together. ‘Ginny’ is all about wanting to drown out the woes from a previous relationship and figuring out what the other person is missing. This is definitely a song you’d want to have on your playlist.


One of our favorite Sylo tracks is ‘Fomo,’ so it’s no surprise it has a spot on our list. The track from his 2020 compilation album Sylo Songs is a funk-pop track that feels like a song you’d hear in an 80s nightclub. You’ll want to keep dancing all night long to this track and not get ‘Fomo.’ The song’s title gives away a big chunk of the song’s theme. Sylo sings about wanting to be someone’s significant other and feeling ‘Fomo’ because he’s not their partner.


This next track is a recent release from the Toronto-based artist. ‘Millions’ is a more relaxed and stripped-down track than his past releases. Sylo uses a gentle guitar melody paired for this track paired with soft vocals, allowing for his voice to stand out above the music. ‘Millions’ is the perfect song to listen to when you miss a loved one or just want to relive warm days.

‘Bento Box’ And ‘American Idea’

Last on our list are ‘Bento Box’ and ‘American Idea.’ The upcoming tracks stray away from Sylo’s usual cool R&B sound by tapping into synth-pop elements. While the genre is new for the R&B artist, he pulls it off with ease and still adds his flair in the best way. Lyrically, ‘Bento Box’ uses the food container and the treats that fit inside as a metaphor for being with the right person who allows you to appreciate all their qualities one at a time.

The second of the two upcoming singles, ‘American Idea,’ is the more introspective of the two. Sonically, the forthcoming track has more of an alt-pop sound filled with catchy guitar melodies. ‘American Idea’ allows for Sylo to go deep into serious themes. The R&B artist dives into his experiences growing up with Western media and never having examples of romantic relationships between people from his culture.

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We’re so excited for ‘Bento Box’ and ‘American Idea’ to hit streaming platforms! We’ll be jamming out to these Sylo bops and many more in the meantime. After one listen, you’ll instantly become obsessed with his music, trust us.

Which Sylo song caught your eye? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP. Also, check us out on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things pop culture.


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