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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Benji Lewis Gives Us A Taste Of His Upcoming EP

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Benji Lewis Gives Us A Taste Of His Upcoming EP

Benji Lewis

Need a new indie-pop newcomer to spruce up your playlists? Look no further because Benji Lewis is here to deliver unto you – the perfect song to fulfill that longing with ‘Jump This Train.’

‘Jump This Train’ is a dreamy single about “freedom, trust, and living life to the fullest.” A song with a chill vibe and calming melodies, it’s the perfect addition to those summer playlists! The track officially releases tomorrow, which you can pre-save here, but lucky for you – you don’t have to wait another minute! We are premiering the track exclusively here at the Honey Pop! Check it out below! 

This song is definitely going to take off, and we are happy to be first in line to watch its success unfold! If you thought the new song is all we had for you today, honey poppers – hold on to your wigs because we also got to ask Benji Lewis about the song, and his upcoming EP, Floating! We know you are as excited as we are, so let’s dive right in!

Image Source: Tenor

First things first, can you tell us and new fans a little bit about yourself? What can your new fans expect when they listen to your music?
I have finally been able to move around and travel to new places again and meet some great new people. That is where my inspiration and stories come from when it comes to my music, life experiences, and people I meet and connect with. I hope when people listen to my music they feel light, safe, and warm. I feel like my music is great for adventures and road trips, to be there for my listeners day to day as well.

Benji Lewis
Image Source: Sean Pyke

How did you get your start in music? Has it always been a passion of yours?
I have definitely always sung since I was young and have always been super connected to music, the way it can move you. Things started to take off more and my career became more solid after the release of a single called ‘Drift’ in 2017. A lot changed and many doors opened for me since then. Now I get to continue to share my music and experiences with more people.

Where do you typically find inspiration for all of your music?
I don’t like to think too much about what I’ll create or what a song is going to be about. The inspiration comes from the life I’m living, people I meet, and relationships and feelings I live. I sometimes bring in other songs and voice memos of ideas that I’ve recorded myself singing into the studio and go from there. Let the stories, feelings, and words flow.

’Jump This Train’ is exceptionally dreamy and hypnotic, can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind it? How did it come about?
I was still wrapped up in some feelings for a recent someone, when it came time to head to Brisbane to work on the next material with a producer and friend Tom Eggert. Once back in Brisbane, I felt some more freedom and was hanging out with new friends and having a great time while creating this new music. All of these things kind of blended together as I found myself thinking about what it would be like with that special someone here with me in Brisbane. Us going on an adventure, together and taking things as they come. I could see and picture us having fun and doing life together. That’s what came through in this song. Freedom, adventure, love and doing life with someone special.

Benji Lewis
Image Source: Sean Pyke

The production of ‘Jump This Train’ is so riveting! Who was the mastermind behind the production? Was this track self-produced?
Tom Eggert, friend and great producer based in Brisbane Australia. We first met and wrote and song together a while ago. Then when it came time for me to create some new things I knew I wanted to get in the studio and write and create with him. So we had a few days in the studio, we were listening to some music by Alexander 23 and Ryan Beatty. Think some favorites by Ryan Beatty definitely influenced some of the vibe and feels of ‘Jump This Train.’ Tom created this soundscape and space for me to create, let loose and freely sing and feel out thoughts and emotions in this song.

’Jump This Train’ gives listeners a taste of your upcoming EP, and if it’s any indication, we are expecting it to be absolutely incredible! What can you tell us about the EP and how excited are you for its release?
I am definitely pumped to get this EP out. I’ve been sitting with it for a while with release dates and plans changing as the world and everyone went through a lot. But it finally felt like the time to get it out in the world and also for me to release and let go of these feelings and love I have for this person instead of keeping it hidden or to myself. This music is so real and incredibly vulnerable for me but I’m ready to have it all out there.

This is your second release this year, how do you think your sound has evolved between the release of ‘Head Rush’ and ‘Jump This Train?’ What about the evolution of Benji Lewis between now and your first EP in 2016?
I think ‘Head Rush’ and ‘Jump This Train’ were created in the same space and not too far apart in time. So I love that they feel as though they belong to the same collection of stories. I definitely feel ‘Head Rush’ is a little more pop while ‘Jump This Train’ is more laid back, relaxed and dreamy. Super chill.

Benji Lewis
Image Source: Sean Pyke

Gosh the difference between my music in 2016 and now are definitely different. I think my songwriting and confidence in what I do has grown for sure in a great way. I still express my feelings and everything as freely as I did back then but I now also am more comfortable in how I create and confident in what I can create being in the right space and in rooms with the right people. I think I’ve just continued to grow and share my stories and my voice in the best way I can.

What’s one thing you’ve learned on your music journey that’s stuck with you to this day?
To keep going. Trust the process. Do everything you can when it comes to goals and things you want to achieve. Then eventually you have to let it go. As long as I’ve done everything I can when it comes to creating new music or connecting the dots of a project coming together and being released I can be happy and accept whatever comes and happens.

What’s meant to be yours or meant to happen does usually find a way of coming about for you. it’s best never to force anything or anyone to do something. if it’s meant to be, it will be.

What artists would you say have had the biggest influence on your music? Did any of them help you find the perfect ‘Benji Lewis’ sound?
Hmmm, I guess back in the day I would say artists like Jeff Buckley, Matt Corby, Sam Smith, James Blake all played a part in me finding similarities and comfort where my voice and way of singing felt similar and at home around their songs and voices. So they definitely helped me along and I still love all of their music and things they do.

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Benji Lewis
Image Source: Sean Pyke

If you could have any three artists collab with you which three would you choose?
I think at the moment I will just mention one. I am absolutely loving anything and everything from Lizzy McAlpine. I have been a fan for a while now, her album Give Me A Minute is so beautiful. And now I am loving the new single ‘hate to be lame’ ft. Finneas from her new album she just dropped recently this year. So yes, I would love to write and create with her or similar artists who create these effortless sounding beautiful vocal driven songs and music. Big fan.

Image Source: Tenor

One word: AMAZING! After having the smallest taste of the EP, we are so stoked for it’s release and to see what else Benji has cooking up for us!

What do you think of Benji Lewis and his new song ‘Jump This Train?’ Are you as excited about the Floating EP as we are? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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