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TXT Talk ‘0X1=LOVESONG,’ Participating In Their New Album, Asking BTS’ RM For Help, And How They Want To Be Remembered…

TXT Talk ‘0X1=LOVESONG,’ Participating In Their New Album, Asking BTS’ RM For Help, And How They Want To Be Remembered…

TXT is finally back with a new mini-album! The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE is finally here and rings in a new era for the five-member group! We can’t stop listening to ‘0X1=LOVESONG’ since it dropped. TXT has turned to a more pop-rock sound with this new album, and it really blew us away. We thought TXT‘s music couldn’t get any better than it already was. But the boys love proving everyone wrong. The choreography also includes hand-held mics for the first time which is an excellent addition!

To celebrate their first comeback in seven months, TXT held a media showcase to present the new fantastic album to the world! All of the guys were pretty nervous as “this was their first showcase in months,” as Huening Kai let everyone know. The boys looked great in their black suits and tried to be as professional as possible, which was super adorable. We here at THP are obsessed with these five boys! But are you wondering what the meaning behind The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE and the fantastic title song is? Come right along!

The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE is the beginning of TXT’s second chapter in their discography. As the pandemic has shaken up their ordinary lives, they will deal with those feelings throughout FREEZE. Through The Dream Chapter albums, the boy in their story has grown up and matured but now in The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE his world is under assault so here is where the boy meets you to cure the boy’s wounds. Pretty cool, isn’t it? TXT always does a fantastic job addressing teenage problems in their music and lyrics.

When asked about the title song ‘0X1=LOVESONG,’ Huening Kai explained that the song is “a pop-rock song about a boy in confusion and suddenly a girl appears in front of him.” Beomgyu went on to explain that the song is “a song that really tugs at your heartstrings.” Taehyun gave us a little insight into their reactions when they first heard the song after recording it. “It was really moving when we heard it in the practice room. All of us were very moved. I tried not to seem as moved, but the song really moved me.” Well, Taehyun, we as fans and MoAs were also really moved while listening to ‘0X1=LOVESONG.’

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Have you wondered why Taehyun was wearing a The End of the F***ing World t-shirt during the concept trailer? So were we, and luckily the idol explained that “before we being working on a song, we watch other media that connect to the feelings of the song and one of them was that show. It connected to the song’s feeling.” Time to binge-watch The End of the F***ing World and listen to ‘0X1=LOVESONG,’ right?

As much as we enjoy ‘0X1=LOVESONG,’ we are still wondering what exactly the title means. It turns out the title is a mathematical equation, as Beomgyu explained: “0 is the world and 1 is the girl, and it equals a lovesong.” Absolutely loving these meaningful little details, TXT pays so much attention to when it comes to their music.

You may have noticed that the title track also features Seori and BTS’ RM helped with the song’s lyrics. When they were asked about how both came about, Yeonjun explained that “we all have 5 different voices, but we just wanted a more diverse voice [on the track], so they reached out to Seori. “Now that worked out nicely since her voice is a great addition to the track! And as for RM, Yeonjun went on that “we were stuck for three weeks lyrics-wise, but then we asked RM to help with the lyrics, and he agreed.” RM is so caring about his junior singers our hearts did flutter a little! The lyrics are one of ‘0X1=LOVESONG’ strong points.

The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE also sees the most participation in the album from the five members. We are so very proud of TXT for making such a wonderful and cohesive album. When asked about each of their songs and how they felt about it, Soobin started with “we always try to contain stories,” and so he thought about what story he wanted to tell with ‘Ice Cream.’ Soobin made a mindmap about small happiness in life and “made sentences from those words, and that’s how I wrote the lyrics for ‘Ice Cream.'”

Beomgyu helped with the writing of ‘What if I had been that PUMA.’ “We all love the balance game. I wrote the lyrics like that. What emotions would I feel if I had to choose between two options.” It makes for a bop, that’s for sure! Taehyun explained how “when we just debuted, I was just happy to sing, and now we try to participate more [in our music], we also talk about outfits and concepts.” ‘No Rules’ “is about a teenager who lived with the rules of corona and now has no rules anymore.”

Image Source: Courtesy of HYBE

Huening Kai helped for the first time with producing and writing on ‘Dear Sputnik.’ When he was asked how the song came about, he answered that: “I made the sample and sent it to the label. I developed it from there after getting a positive reaction from the label.” He also let everyone know that he can’t wait to sing the song together with MoA.

Yeonjun also wrote ‘Frost,’ which is “about a boy that realizes his faith and his confusion.” The album also has the group’s first song entirely in English, ‘ Magic.’ The members shared their excitement about sharing the song with international fans. Beomgyu “worked a lot on my pronunciation and the details of ‘Magic'” to bring the most perfect song to fans. We loved it so much, and MoAs feel the same. We have to admit, TXT always does a great job addressing current events and speaking from our hearts through their music! The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE is a fantastic EP yet again, and the boys should be proud of how far they have come.

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TXT themselves are very proud of this album, and when they were asked how they want to be remembered and thought of, Yeounjun mentioned that “many artists are very active right now. But when people think of 4th generation idols, we want to be the first ones that come to mind. We want to be the 4th gen it, boys.” Huening Kai, on the other hand, wants to be remembered as a “team that interprets teenagers the best.” And lastly, Soobin “wants to be called the group of talent that’s growing step by step.”

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Wow, we haven’t recovered from this wonderful album and how thoughtful it is. The boys took care of every detail to make this record perfect. We appreciate it so much. We really are so very proud of how far the group has come in the few short years since their debut. TXT is just getting started, and we are excited about what’s to come. But for now, we wish them all the luck in the world for this new album!

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What is your favorite album on The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE? What do you think about ‘0X1=LOVESONG?’ Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!


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