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Party On And Celebrate You With Our Playlist Perfect For Pride

Party On And Celebrate You With Our Playlist Perfect For Pride

It’s pride month and we are ready to celebrate! This month is about resilience, rebellion, and being proud of who you are. It’s a time to express yourself and one way many people get expressive is through music. So, as people who are submersed in music and particularly music fandoms, we at THP have put together a playlist full of your faves and ours to create a playlist a little different from the typical ones you see, for a stan-friendly pride. Ready to press play?

‘The Kind of Lover I Am’ – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato got personal in their seventh album Dancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over, and one fan favorite was the album track ‘The Kind of Lover I Am.’ Having recently shared that they identify as pansexual in their recent documentary and coming out as non-binary last month, this sunshine-pop bop is an ode to loving a person no matter who they are and the type of person they are in a relationship. The song feels fun and free from any restrictions when it comes to love and a new pride playlist staple for sure.

‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ – Lil Nas X

We are living for the fact that one of the biggest songs of 2021 is a queer banger. People wondered if Lil Nas X would manage to outdo ‘Old Town Road’ and this tune is proof he is no one-hit-wonder. From references of former crushes before he came out, to inspiration from the 2017 LGBTQIA+ movie of the same name, Lil Nas has shared his story to an addictive melody and has catapulted queer pop into the mainstream media.

‘I’m Not Afraid’ – Holland

Holland is the first openly gay K-POP idol and though he has an incredible discography, ‘I’m Not Afraid’ is timeless and has a message that can resonate with a vast majority of the LGBTQIA+ community. Singing about not being afraid of judgment and being ready to face criticism, this club-friendly single holds a lot of emotions that you can let out on the dancefloor. It’s liberating and is the epitome of pride.

‘Touch Me’ – Victoria Monét

In this sensual song, Victoria Monét gets personal as she sweetly sings about a former lustrous experience in a car to a laid-back R&B melody infused with her angelic harmonies. Documenting her own experiences, it’s a song close to Monét’s heart, which she believes is “beautiful for so many reasons” and hopes “people can find their own reasons with every listen.” Is it hot in here or is it just us?

‘Starstruck’ – Years & Years

‘Starstruck’ marked the beginning of Years & Years being a solo act and Olly Alexander proved he has all the ability to continue his career as a musician alone. The funky hit has a retro vibe to it that feels like the pinnacle of falling for someone. That’s a feeling you want to capture forever and ‘Starstruck’ bottles it up and takes form in a song we’re sure we’ll never get tired of. A new pride fave!

‘Confetti (ft Saweetie)’ – Little Mix

Little Mix‘s bop ‘Confetti’ featuring Saweetie offers some bad b, self-love vibes and that’s exactly how we plan to feel through pride. It can totally be taken as a whole new meaning for their LGBTQIA+ fans and just pops off on a party-like playlist. They also cast drag queens and queer actors in the music video so we know our girls are always thinking of catering for us when making music. Obsessed!

‘STUD’ – Troye Sivan

The lascivious track by Troye Sivan surrounds the classic trope of queer lust and desire that makes for a perfect party track to dance your way through pride month. Anyone who has had that feeling of wanting someone can find great relatability in this song and just be able to shout “same!” while busting a move.

‘Wipe Your Tears’ – Halsey

Slowing things down with a gentle ballad, ‘Wipe Your Tears’ sings about a girl with who Halsey is in love, and her willingness to do anything for her. Promising to keep her safe, this sweet song is enough to hit you right in the feels and yearn for a kind of reciprocated love just as Halsey is willing to give.

‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ – BTS

An oldie but goldie from BTS, this voluptuous song is the portrayal of human desire and willingness to put everything on the line for love, success, or pretty much anything they want. Full of a multitude of emotions, the song alludes to sweet temptations and passionate convictions, and the pain we go through to fulfill our aspirations. It’s a great fit for pride and captures emotions and feelings so many of us have experienced. Plus, it’s a whole banger!

‘Serial Lover’ – Kehlani

‘Serial Lover’ by Kehlani is a laid-back R&B bop that sings about allowing yourself to fall in love numerous times repeatedly, and the trial and error of getting it right in relationships. You may have pure intentions and want things to have a happy ending but it’s not necessarily going to be something that happens right away – or even at all – and ‘Serial Lover’ embraces that.

‘My Oasis’ – Sam Smith ft Burna Boy

A mid-tempo love song with a sturdy beat, ‘My Oasis’ focuses on the themes of developing love and emotional insecurity. Sam shares their love for their partner, calling them their oasis and free-falling for them. Reaching this point of love in a relationship is beautiful but scary and we feel like this song encompasses that feeling to perfection.

‘Girlfriend’ – Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black’s single ‘Girlfriend’ is such a feel-good, bouncy jam with carefree feelings and is a true pop classic. Having recently come out as queer, this song truly captures Rebecca’s authentic self and is the perfect addition to any pride playlist. We truly feel like we’re in our element listening to it!

‘I Am Me’ – GOT7

GOT7‘s ‘I Am Me’ is a great fit for pride. No matter how you identify, you are you. This self-affirmation anthem is a glove that fits any hand. Out and proud, still closeted and waiting or questioning how to identify, this dancefloor-friendly track is something everyone can resonate with.

‘girls’ – girl in red

‘girls’ is such a summery song with sixties vibes in which girl in red expresses her sexuality and the conflicts that she’s met with from loving girls. It solidifies that sexuality isn’t a phase but rather something that’s permanent in identity. With the melody feeling so free, it feels like a breath of fresh air for acceptance. We’ll never get tired of this one!

‘Only The Brave’ – Louis Tomlinson

This album track by Louis Tomlinson is one that his LGBTQIA+ fans have found a lot of comfort in since it released in 2020. Singing about love is only for those who take risks and are brave, the narrative is the perfect fit for pride. It’s short but sweet and feels like a message of hope and support, possibly the true fan favorite of his debut album.

See Also

‘Wannabe’ – ITZY

ITZY’s ‘Wannabe’ is such a fun song about wanting to have control of your own life and being completely yourself, no matter what others say or think. Not to mention that the choreo is pretty iconic and not too difficult to master so you can get your besties together to dazzle with that famous shoulder move!

‘Lucid’ – Rina Sawayama

This smash reminiscent of 2000s house parties sings about living a different life through dreaming, whether it is to be with the dream girl or be the dream girl. It’s completely unapologetic in every sense and has a sense of ownership of selfhood. This song was made for the pride playlists of the 2020s and we know it’ll be a whole vibe when it plays.

‘Wow’ – Stray Kids

Dubbed the bisexual anthem by STAY, this genderless pulse raiser by Stray Kids is about having feelings and the curiosity of a crush, which we just know is a pretty common occurrence for a lot of us. It’s a song that can fit pretty much anyone listening no matter of their identity and it absolutely slaps.

L.O.V.E. Me – Hayley Kiyoko

‘L.O.V.E Me’ is the hopelessly romantic funky jam by our queen Hayley Kiyoko which captures the feeling of wanting to scream from the top of your lungs about falling in love but the other person isn’t ready for things to be public. It also has very late 90s / early 2000s vibes which we are here for because modern nostalgia is everything.

‘Treat People With Kindness’ – Harry Styles

Treat People With Kindness’ is a message that we always need to remember and remind each other of. Harry’s motto turned into a single is a feel-good vibe that has the power to bring us all together, reminding us to be good to one another and fuel spirits with kindness as we celebrate ourselves and each other.

‘Be Yourself’ – Chung Ha

The title of Chung Ha‘s ‘Be Yourself’ is pretty self-explanatory, really. This upbeat and spunky song is a positive self-acceptance anthem that is such a great fit for pride when we are celebrating who we are. It’s short but sweet and quite the mood booster for any playlist.

Are you loving our picks? What songs will you be adding to your pride playlist? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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