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5 Red Velvet Songs To Get You Hyped For Feel My Rhythm

5 Red Velvet Songs To Get You Hyped For Feel My Rhythm

It feels like we’ve waited forever, but the day is finally coming, ReVeluvs! Red Velvet is returning with their latest EP, Feel My Rhythm, on March 25th and we can hardly contain our excitement. Irene, Joy, Seulgi, Wendy, and Yeri always give their all to every project and concept they give us, so we could only imagine how much this mini-album is going to blow us away. While we wait, let’s look at five essential Red Velvet tracks any K-Pop fan should know!

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Of course, we have to start with Red Velvet’s most recent title track: the exciting ‘Queendom!’ The girls totally own their power and talent on this one, insisting “we are makin’ the rules” while recognizing that they reach their peak when they work together.


For those who prefer an edgier flair, ‘Psycho’ is the must-listen track for you! The girls of RV take turns describing an intense romance that may or may not be bad for them. No matter what others think, they’re focused on the rush the relationship brings them and on keeping their partner in their life. 

‘Ice Cream Cake’

Is there a better way to celebrate Red Velvet’s comeback than to throw a theoretical listening party complete with ‘Ice Cream Cake?’ We don’t think so! The title track of their debut mini-album is an adorable celebration of young love and each member of RV’s amazing charisma. 

‘Power Up’

It’s impossible for your mood not to boost 200% when you listen to the bubbly ‘Power Up!’ This song sounds like how sunshine feels, and we can’t get enough. With the warmer weather coming up, this is a K-Pop staple you need in your summer rotation. Someone should make a “try not to sing” challenge video that’s entirely this addictive chorus.

‘RBB (Really Bad Boy)’

As much as we love RV’s hit ‘Bad Boy,’ we wish the equally catchy ‘RBB (Really Bad Boy)’ got the same recognition! Accented with shrill screams and some unbelievable whistle notes by Irene, it shows off a different side of Red Velvet and would be a perfect addition to your Halloween playlist once October rolls around. 

BONUS: ‘Step Back’

Okay, we know this isn’t really a Red Velvet song. But Seulgi and Wendy crush it as members of the supergroup GOT The Beat! Alongside members of aespa and Girls’ Generation, as well as ace soloist BoA, they get to show off their performance skills and incredible vocals on a whole new level.

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What are your favorite Red Velvet songs? What do you hope to hear from this comeback? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more RV content to keep you busy until March 21st, click here.


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