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MOA’s Theories On TXT’s ‘Good Boy Gone Bad (Japanese Ver.)’ Music Video

MOA’s Theories On TXT’s ‘Good Boy Gone Bad (Japanese Ver.)’ Music Video

K-Pop front-runners TOMORROW X TOGETHER have just released their latest Japanese mini-album, and MOAville was shook to its core. The Thursday’s Child era has been arguably TXT’s most iconic era yet, and the addition of the three tracks on this single album proves that! Beyond that, though, TXT have stirred up a lot of trouble in the ‘Good Boy Gone Bad (Japanese Ver)’ music video, and the fan theories have been flying around social media ever since. We’re still trying to unpack it all, but Beomgyu kinda summed up our thoughts here:

Image Source: TXT Guess British Slang for MTV UK

‘Good Boy Gone Bad (Japanese Ver.)’

MOA know all too well how complicated TXT’s music videos can be, and we certainly still don’t understand how Star Seekers or the TXT Universe work. But the ‘Good Boy Gone Bad (Japanese Ver.)’ music video takes things to a whole new level! Thankfully, there are plenty of MOA out there who are far smarter than we are, and they’ve put their thinking caps on.

So is the girl dating both Yeonjun and Taehyun’s characters the same girl? Do they know about each other? What’s going on with Soobin and the stocks?

Did Yeonjun betray the other members for his girlfriend? Then once he’d done all of those things for her, did she double-cross him? Why was Beomgyu on a bicycle again? Why were Beomgyu and Taehyun fighting?

So is this all connected to ‘LO$ER=LOVER?’ But some MOAs have a theory that it’s connected to the ‘0x1=LOVESONG‘ music video, too…

We have more questions than answers, but we have to talk about how much we love the aesthetic of this music video too! The color palette and wardrobe are probably more similar to ‘LO$ER=LOVER’ than they are to the Korean ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ music video, and we love seeing the fusion of these two iconic eras!

And if all that wasn’t enough? We don’t want to overlook the fact that we didn’t just get the Japanese version of ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ – we also got two brand new tracks!


What’s better than TXT’s Japanese b-sides? A Japanese b-side that Yeonjun, Taehyun, and Huening Kai all have credits on. TXT wrote and recorded the song for MOA and it will also feature on the soundtrack of TV show Heart Signal Japan. ‘Ring’ is the first time TXT have credits on a Japanese original track! If it’s for MOA, we can kinda see this song as a sequel to ‘MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari).’ The Japanese title translates to ‘How To Love Someone That Isn’t You,’ so don’t mind us if we start crying any second now.

Image Source: TXT_bighit_jp on Twitter

‘Hitori no Yoru’

‘Hitori no Yoru’ is the final track, and is a cover of Takaya Kawasaki’s original song. The song is a classic ballad, which is a contrast to the majority of TXT’s high-energy, genre-bending discography. We love taking this moment to really appreciate TXT’s vocals, because they’re truly the best of the best.

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We think it’s pretty safe to say that we’re feeling pretty overwhelmed by this single release! How did they manage to confuse us and make us so emotional in just three songs?

Image Source: TXT_bighit_jp on Twitter

What might be most humbling of all, though, is that we’re probably overthinking all of this. Whilst TXT often do have some subtle references and easter eggs in their music videos, maybe we’re overreacting? Taehyun is often the member who brings MOAs back down to earth with his iconic sense of humor. After the music video’s release, he replied to a fan theory on Weverse with, “I feel like in general you guys are all interpreting it in a much more complicated way than what it is~?” Do we at least look good in the clown costume we’re wearing right now?

What are your theories about TXT’s new music video? Please let us know because, in all honesty, we’re still super confused. What do you think of ‘Ring’ and ‘Hitori no Yoru?’ Hit us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or we can also be found over on Facebook and Instagram!

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