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Here Are All The Details Of &Team’s Pack – Our New J-Pop Obsession!

Here Are All The Details Of &Team’s Pack – Our New J-Pop Obsession!

Hey Luné, what do you think? Should we introduce our pack? Okay then, keep on track. We must confess that here at THP HQ, we are obsessed with these guys. As we know, HYBE never ceases to amaze us with its boy groups, and this time they really understood the assignment. One dream and nine teens that came to be the next big scene; ladies and gentlemen: our new J-Pop obsession, &Team.

EJ, K, Nicholas, Yuma, Jo, Fuma, Harua, Taki, and Maki, are the members of this new J-Pop group. Let’s get along and know a little bit more about all these nine teens that have all of our attention since their debut.

Image Source: HYBE Japan Labels via Twitter


We saw his performance and tenacity from I-Land; along with Nicholas, K, and Taki, they managed to prove that everything comes in its time, and for our favorite September Virgo, it was time to lead the pack. Born on September 7, 2002, our only Korean member has stolen our hearts and artist’s spotlight with his fantastic voice and leadership qualities. As an INFP, we know we will always be inspired by his strong and admirable anchors.


We like to think that destiny is something we can’t escape from, and K is definitely living proof of it. Born on October 21st, 1997 in Chiba, Japan, K is one of the eldest members of this J-Pop pack. He is not only a pretty face but also a sports-smart guy, having full scholarships for his athletic abilities. This ENFP is now one of the 4th Gen dancers, ready to show us his strength and his personality. We are excited to see him have the opportunity to be himself, with his own pack.


His cold eyesight caught our attention, but it was his kind heart that got us under his spell. Born on July 9th, 2002, Wang Yixiang is the only Taiwanese member of the pack. As our bestie Taylor Swift would say, “he is so tall and handsome … (we know you know what’s next)”, 1.80 cm, full of talent, an English and Chinese fluent speaker, and also a sporty guy that has us enchanted on his rap lines and his incredible fashion sense. He is also a fan of thrifting, which explains all the authenticity of his outfits.


Born on February 7th, 2004, Nakakita Yuma has been dancing for 10 years, and enchanting everyone who sees him being one with music. A very reserved member, who is artistic in every sense, with admirable silky hair, he has the skill of composing and acrobatics, which give him the chance to be a leader in the J-Pop scene.


For this article, we got inspired by him, cause when we like something, we go really deep into it. Born on July 4th, 2004, Asakura Jo is basically the standard (even our besties TXT got amazed by his beauty and height). Not only an idol, additionally, he likes drawing and playing soccer, and his special skill is basketball. An extra fact, he is left-handed.


One of the eldest members of the pack; he is full of wisdom and has a charming low voice. Born on June 29, 1998, Murata Fuma is one of our favorite members. Starting with music lessons when he was 6, and exploring the artistic world every time he could. He was a trainee back in 2019, but destiny brought him to our pack, where he feels confident to be someone the members can trust. He likes playing games, and definitely, he is not a fan of aegyo. Something we really admire about him is that when he does something, he does it with passion, and always encourages Luné to not give up.


Not so easy to find Taurus idols, but this boy is unique in every sense. Born on May 1st, 2005 in Japan, Harua is one of the calmest members of the J-Pop pack, but always knows how to make our days better. He knows how to play piano, how to cheer up his friends, and how to capture us with his charming eyesight. A cat lover boy who shows us that surrounding is never an option and that you must be humble on the way to success.


Hard work, talent, and charisma are some of the ingredients that brought one of the youngest members to our pack. A former of I-Land, who always worked hard despite his shortage. Born on May 4th, 2005 in Japan, he trained for 10 months for the show, with an incredible break-dance dance for the very first time, he got our admiration and through the way, he just made us fall in love. Charismatic, fun, and full of joy, this ENFP is just ready to run with the pack.

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All packs have the youngest member, and lucky us, we have one of the most talented ones. Born on February 17, 2006, Maki has so many talents and qualities that this little space is not enough. From a Japanese mother and German father, this boy can speak English, Japanese, and German. Nicho’s fashion bestie, and selfie lover, always takes care of Luné by sharing more about their lives. He likes cooking, exercising, and music. (Isn’t he perfect?) Since &Audition, he surprised us all with his vocals, which he has been training since he was in third grade. Our sweet maknae is full of curiosities that we are all excited to learn.

Not much time has happened since our pack started its own journey, but in just a few days they have made their dream come true, and we can be a part of it. So what do you say, after meeting all the members, are you now running with the pack?

Let us know, who is your bias; what you think about this new J-Pop family; do you know any extra detail? Let us know, take a look around at @TheHoneyPop or at our Facebook or Instagram, feel free to stan these boys on every social.


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