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The Hottest Debut Of The Year – ENHYPEN Is Here

The Hottest Debut Of The Year – ENHYPEN Is Here

The monster rookies are finally here! Today is ENHYPEN‘s debut day, and they really made a statement with ‘Given-Taken.’ We, here at the Honey Pop, are blown away! The song suits the group so well, and the Vampire concept is one of our favorite concepts when it comes to boy groups! We honestly can’t stop re-watching this masterpiece of a music video! If you haven’t already, you can listen to the album on your favorite platform right here.

ENHYPEN Set Off Their Career With ‘Given-Taken’

‘Given-Taken’ is a pop/hip-hop track that expresses the mixed emotions of the young group, which is now standing at the cusp of a new beginning as ENHYPEN after a long journey of survival. The septet has achieved the dream of debut through I-LAND, chosen by global fan votes. Have you watched the emotional rollercoaster I-Land was? We are still recovering! The track conveys the boys’ doubts about whether their debut was “given” or they have “taken” the opportunity on their own. The song brings forth their ambitions to overcome these uncertainties and step foot into the new world. We certainly love that the boys are singing about their experiences. It sure makes for a great title song!

Image Source: ENHYPEN via Tumblr

The music video catches the ENGENE’s eye with its stimulating and intense visuals that relay the story of ENHYPEN running towards the unknown in search of their identity. And they look fantastic doing it. The boys never looked better!

However, the energetic performance of the lead single doesn’t have to hide either! It grabbed our and ENGENE’s attention. The choreography figuratively illustrates opening the eyes toward the new world, and the movements express in slow-motion the image of a giant engine becoming ignited. This ultimately leading ENHYPEN to take a big step to shoot for the sky and rise above all. The seamless and powerful choreography with delicately controlled movements and facial expressions channel the mixed feelings of the boys standing at the border. And they deserve an oscar just alone for that! 

The Debut Album

BORDER: DAY ONE captures the uncertainties and complex emotions of the seven members standing at the border between two contrasting worlds. The album’s tracks each convey their story of finally taking the first steps over the border to face the new world ahead of them- the step from trainee to idol. A step into the world of a debuted artist ready to be shown to the world! The album is comprised of six tracks, all following this theme but also including other various topics. The tracks include ‘Intro: Walk the Line,’ ‘Given-Taken,’ ‘Let Me In (20 CUBE),’ ’10 Months,’ ‘Flicker,’ and ‘Outro: Cross the Line.’ 

As all the songs are top-notch, as expected from Bang PD and BigHit, it is hard to choose a favorite, and we strongly recommend listening to the entire thing! We were also impressed with ENGENE’s reaching 300.000 stock pre-orders of the group’s debut album and are expecting ENHYPEN to blow up everywhere! ROTY, we smell you already! The group also held a debut show, ENHYPEN DEBUT SHOW: DAY ONE, to celebrate their debut. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can watch the first-ever performance of ‘Given-Taken’ on Mnet K-POP and Big Hit Labels, as well as Japan’s Abema and Mnet Japan.

Image Source: ENHYPEN via Tenor

We are very excited about what’s to come for these monster rookies! What do you think about ENHYPEN’s debut? What’s your favorite track on the album? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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