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Here Are The Songs We’re Wishing For On TXT’s ACT: SWEET MIRAGE World Tour Setlist

Here Are The Songs We’re Wishing For On TXT’s ACT: SWEET MIRAGE World Tour Setlist

MOAs make some noise! Our 4th Gen It Boys are heading back out on tour! Following sold-out success with 2022’s ACT: LOVE SICK, TXT is stepping it up another level. TXT is one of the best live performers around, so we already know this tour will be a hit! ACT: SWEET MIRAGE is already making all our sweetest dreams come true, but we’re not finished wishing yet, including planning our dream setlist.

TXT has announced 21 ACT: SWEET MIRAGE dates across 13 cities so far. Beginning on March 25 in Seoul and ending on May 27 in Los Angeles, the current dates have got MOA in Asia and North America jumping for joy. The tour poster and TXT’s website both say “more to come,” so here’s to hoping that TXT and MOA all over the world will get to ‘Dubaddu Wari Wari’ together soon!

With TXT’s 2023 off to a very busy start, thanks to their comeback at the end of January, we thought we’d make their lives easier and take a job off their hands. THP MOA are just the sweetest like that! So, we’ve done the hard work for them and come up with some of the songs we are hoping end up on the ACT: SWEET MIRAGE setlist!

‘Dear Sputnik’

Where else could we start other than with ‘Dear Sputnik?’ It’s a favorite of both TXT and MOA alike! Seeing the guys perform it on their livestream concert ACT: BOY was an iconic moment, and we’d love to see this song (and producer Hyuka) make a comeback!


We wanna see ‘Ghosting,’ duh! If you know The Honey POP at all, you know we’re the number one ‘Ghosting’ enthusiasts. This song created some of our favorite moments on the ACT: LOVE SICK tour, so we’d love to see it make the ACT: SWEET MIRAGE setlist too!

‘Cat & Dog’

Sorry TXT, we’re not letting this one go just yet! ‘Cat & Dog’ is just too iconic, and with how much fun TXT and MOA had performing it during the soundcheck of various shows last summer, we’d love to see it make the actual setlist this time around!


Honestly, we’d probably let you confiscate our MOA card if we hadn’t added ’20cm’ to our dream ACT: SWEET MIRAGE setlist. Not only has this track gifted us with some of the best vocals of TXT’s career (so far), but it also seems like the energy of this song wouldn’t seem out of place on The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, if the teasers we’ve had are anything to go by!

‘Opening Sequence’

We might be moving into a new chapter, but we’re not over minisode 2: Thursday’s Child just yet. ‘Opening Sequence’ is a fan favorite from that album, and TXT’s choreography for the track is like nothing else in their catalog!

‘Fairy of Shampoo’

‘Fairy of Shampoo’ is another TXT b-side that just seems to fit perfectly with the aesthetic of TXT’s new era. Like, come on, have you seen the Lullaby and Daydream concept pictures? They’re basically fairies themselves, so it’s only right that ‘Fairy of Shampoo’ makes the ACT: SWEET MIRAGE setlist.

Every Song On The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION

Speaking of TXT’s new era, it officially begins on January 27th! The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION contains five tracks and, yeah, we haven’t heard them yet, but we already know that we need them on this setlist!

The Info You Need To Know:

Now for the key bits –– here are all the details we have on ACT: SWEET MIRAGE so far! The tour begins on March 25 and 26 in Seoul before heading to Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan in April.

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Then May arrives, and our 4th Gen It Boys are playing in Charlotte, New York, Washington D.C., Minnesota, San Antonio, and Los Angeles. We’re especially looking forward to the New York shows as they’re on the anniversary of minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’s release! Look how much TXT have grown in the last year! The venues this time around are considerably larger than during ACT: LOVE SICK, and we can’t wait to see what TXT and their team do with the staging and production of this tour!

Image Source: Courtesy of BIGHIT Music

If you can’t make it to any of those dates, don’t worry! We’ve got our fingers crossed for more dates and even better, the second Seoul show is being livestreamed globally! For livestream details and tour tickets, when we have more info, check here!

Are you hoping to get tickets to see TXT on tour? What songs are you hoping make the ACT: SWEET MIRAGE setlist? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or, if that’s not your vibe, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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