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What We’re Hoping To See In TXT’s Disney+ Documentary Our Lost Summer

What We’re Hoping To See In TXT’s Disney+ Documentary Our Lost Summer

Stan Twitter has been waiting for this one for a hot minute, and now we have the official news! TXT have a brand new documentary, Our Lost Summer. Premiering exclusively on Disney+ next month, we’re getting brand new insight into TXT’s summer 2022.

After debuting in 2019, so much of TXT’s early career was lost to the pandemic. They released two full albums, one repackaged album, four mini albums, and two Japanese albums before they could embark on a world tour and see MOA IRL (not that we were counting). ACT: LOVE SICK and the summer of 2022 changed TXT’s career, and most likely the members individually, forever. Now, we get to learn even more about their journey so far, and we cannot wait!

Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC & HYBE, via Disney+

Honestly, anything we get to learn about tubatu will be such a treat, but we must admit there are a couple of things we’d really like to see in Our Lost Summer. Read our thoughts below, then watch the trailer, and see if you agree with our predictions!

Thursday’s Child Behind The Scenes

As we said, summer 2022 was a huge turning point in TXT’s career, and that was kicked off with the release of minisode 2: Thursday’s Child last May. ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ changed the game, so any more insight into that era we can get, we’re gonna eat up.

Member Interactions

TXT are one of the funniest, sweetest groups in K-Pop; in this essay we will…

In all seriousness, tubatu have some of the best dynamics we’ve ever seen, and we love to see any content of the members showcasing that. Whilst they can be utter chaos and live to pick on one another, they’ve also spoken about how much they genuinely rely on each other. The members have even said that there were a lot of moments in 2022 that they found really hard, but they got through it together. Of course, it goes without saying that we never wanna see them go through hard times, but what we do love to see is that when they do struggle, TXT (and MOA) have each other’s backs.


If the teaser trailer and poster are anything to go by, Our Lost Summer will have a huge focus on TXT’s ACT: LOVE SICK tour. With over three years of build-up before TXT could finally head on the road, we can’t begin to imagine what this tour would’ve meant to them! We can’t wait to see some behind-the-scenes content from these shows. And if we get some footage of the concerts too? Even better, because we’ll never tire of those pink Prince suits.


Oh no, another opportunity for us to obsess over TXT’s Lollapalooza performance! What a shame…

TXT wrapping up their U.S. tour by being the first Korean act to perform on the Lollapalooza main stage was truly iconic! Watching the live stream of that set is a moment so many MOAs will never forget. And we’re clearly not the only ones. The Lolla crowds and organizers must’ve loved it too, as TXT are heading back in 2023, this time as headliners.

Plus, in j-hope’s recent Disney+ documentary j-hope IN THE BOX, we got some behind-the-scenes content of his headlining Lollapalooza set, which included him hanging out with TXT and Jimin backstage. So if we uno reverse that… surely we could get more footage of those moments, AKA more BTXT crumbs?!

TXT’s Goals

One of our favorite things about any music documentary is the interviews with the artists, and we’re sure TXT’s will be the same! TXT seem to have a really healthy mentality when it comes to the group’s future, with an emphasis on longevity whilst still believing the sky’s the limit. The group have spoken about their goals and how they want to run beside one another for a long time, and we’d always love more insight into their dreams! Especially considering how many amazing things they’ve already achieved since last summer.

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The Trailer

Watch TXT’s trailer for Our Lost Summer here, and catch the full doc on 28th July, exclusively on Disney+!

What are your predictions for TXT’s Our Lost Summer? Are you making any watch-party plans? We wanna hear it all! Hit us up in the comments below or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

Want more tubatu? Who doesn’t?

And if you need more content on your watch list? We gotchu!



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