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7 Of Our Favorite V ‘Slow Dancing’ Performances To Celebrate The Remixes

7 Of Our Favorite V ‘Slow Dancing’ Performances To Celebrate The Remixes

Who were we before V released ‘Slow Dancing?’ We’re honestly not sure. Layover is still at the top of our On Repeat, and we never want this era to end. Luckily for us, though, it doesn’t seem like it will! V has just dropped two remixes of ‘Slow Dancing’ to keep the groove going.

Because we’re so enamored with this era, we’ve put together this list of ‘Slow Dancing’ performances we think you should rewatch in honor of the remixes’ release.

‘Slow Dancing’ Official Music Video

Are we over the ‘Slow Dancing’ music video yet? No. Will we ever be? Also no. The late summer energy is carrying us all through October, and everything has a golden hue that we don’t want to let go of.

‘Slow Dancing’ Featuring Yeontan on MCountdown

Everyone’s favorite nepo baby! Kim Yeontan’s MCountdown debut is maybe our favorite music show moment this whole year. Give him all the Rookie awards now!

‘Slow Dancing’ Live On THE FIRST TAKE

V stands for Vocals, actually! Well, no, it doesn’t, but it should. THE FIRST TAKE performances are always the perfect opportunity to see your fave artist’s best vocals, and ‘Slow Dancing’ is no exception!

‘Slow Dancing (Freestyle Dance Version)’ on MCountdown

Kim Taehyung continues his reign as arguably the coolest guy alive. This dance version of ‘Slow Dancing’ (say that five times faster) shows V’s laid-back, natural charisma. Music shows are known for their emphasis on perfection and high-impact performances, so we love Taehyung subverting the norm here.

‘Slow Dancing’ Band Session

One of the things we love about Taehyung is his appreciation for live instrumentation, and you can see his excitement here. It’s another performance that shows V’s easy charm; he’s literally chilling barefoot, curled up in an armchair. No other idols are doing it like him!

‘Slow Dancing’ Duet With IU On IU’s Palette

Both have English letters as their stage names. Both are adored by Jungkook and TXT’s Beomgyu. This duet just makes sense! IU and V both took our breath away with this live rendition of ‘Slow Dancing’ on IU’s Palette. This show is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and two of K-Pop’s most loved vocalists duetting is the cherry on top of the cake.

P.S. If this doesn’t satisfy your cravings, then V and IU also duetted ‘Love Me Again!’

‘Slow Dancing (FRNK Remix)’ And ‘Slow Dancing (Cautious Clay Remix)’

And this week, Taehyung has gifted us with not one, but two ‘Slow Dancing’ remixes! These versions both offer a new way of looking at the track, and we love them for that! ‘Slow Dancing (Cautious Clay Remix)’ is an instrumental, so if you’re as obsessed with the flute in the original as we are, head this way.

See Also

‘Slow Dancing (FRNK Remix)’ has afrobeats inspo, and what’s more, it has its own music video! Featuring BTS (pun very much intended) footage from the original music video shoot, it’s just leveled up our love for the song even more. Taehyung is known to be an idol with one of the most distinctive aesthetics, and they managed to distill that in this music video so well.

What do you think of the remixes? Do you have a favorite Layover era moment? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or if that’s not your cup of tea, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram

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