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Dive Into Layover’s Romantic Aura With Taehyung!

Dive Into Layover’s Romantic Aura With Taehyung!

If there’s one thing we’re extremely sure of, it’s that Kim Taehyung is full of love. He wants us to be happy, while supporting and encouraging us as much as possible. We’re so grateful for being able to enjoy life to the fullest alongside him, and he has given us many thoughtful and loving messages throughout the years. This time, our latest gift from him has arrived in musical form, as we’re so happy to appreciate the release of his solo album, Layover.

This album makes you pause for a bit and admire Taehyung’s beautiful artistry. He has been working really hard on giving us an album that portrays his favorite music styles, and he definitely did not disappoint! Layover is one of the most gorgeous masterpieces we have ever heard! We’ve decided to take each other’s hands and press play on this project with you. Are you ready to enjoy the soulful Layover experience? Let’s get into this wonderful album together!

Before we begin with our journey through Layover, we highly advise you to listen to this album in order! Not only this gives you the complete story of it, but it also allows you to listen to the amazing transitions that Taehyung has included between each track. Trust us, you will be thankful for experiencing this album from top to bottom!

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‘Rainy Days’

We couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to this album! ‘Rainy Days’ starts us with the classic musical feel that Taehyung loves. This track is so addicting, and it includes so many details, such as iPhone notification and keyboard sounds, which make it even more realistic. There are so many instrumental layers that work so well in this song, and it sounds even more angelic with Taehyung’s amazing vocals, especially during the second verse! We absolutely love the flow of this song during that part.

As Layover is a visual album, ‘Rainy Days’ starts our visual adventures, giving us a taste of the most casual and domestic side of Taehyung, as we see him longing to relive those unforgettable moments he has shared with someone else, just like the lyrics express those feelings in the song. We also see the return of Vante, which is Taehyung’s artistic pseudonym, used for his artworks. This music video sets the Layover mood to perfection!


‘Blue’ will blow your mind away if you’re an R&B lover like us! You will feel like you’re entering a whole new world. A world full of Taehyung’s stunning voice and the instruments that accompany him through the song. The bass and the drums add the smoothest touches! Also, this track includes some of our favorite lyrics from Layover, such as “The stars I borrowed, from the moon for a day, they all look at you, but baby you’re still blue, blue” (as translated by @BTS_Trans). We give the song a 10/10!

The teasers for the ‘Blue’ visuals left us wanting to see the complete music video! Taehyung’s acting in the teasers looks so good, and his rockstar vibe with his leather jacket with the black and white filter makes it look even more mysterious! We can’t wait to enjoy this visual gem!

‘Love Me Again’

The third track of this album touches our hopeless romantic souls the most! ‘Love Me Again’ has definitely made us feel that yearning pain of reuniting with our past loves. We’re lost without them. We want to feel what we’ve felt for them. Letting go of someone is as painful as wanting to reach out to them with a no for an answer, and Taehyung channels those feelings through the lyrics of this song. His voice through this song gives us chills every time we listen to it.

Nobody else could have carried the longing feeling of ‘Love Me Again’ into its visuals like Taehyung has. The video focuses on his vocals as he sings this song while wearing bedazzled outfits. He shines through the lights around him to give us an amazing performance that leaves us saying “Wow” at the end! We love how the video is edited as well, giving some retro elements to this classic-inspired track.

‘Slow Dancing’

If we could include a song from Layover in a coming-of-age movie, we would definitely ask for ‘Slow Dancing’ to be added to the soundtrack! This title track inspires us to get lost in its enchanting rhythm, and we definitely feel the nostalgia in Taehyung’s voice with the song’s lyrics. Can we also mention how the flute fits so well in this song? We’re obsessed with it! We also fell instantly in love with the piano version of this track! It adds a different dimension to ‘Slow Dancing,’ making this song even more special.

The visuals for this song add a different perspective to its lyrics, as the music video for this track allows us to transport us back to summer, even in our coldest days! Taehyung truly embraced the cutest Peter Pan vibes in ‘Slow Dancing,’ and we can’t get enough of it. Our favorite scenes in the video include the ones where he’s dancing and having fun! Not only does this video make us enjoy true fun under the sun, but there are so many moments that can be open to interpretation and theories. Has Taehyung created his perfect summer escapade to feel less lonely? Is he creating his fairytale to get a taste of what could be real, but isn’t? We’re open to seeing what you think!

Taehyung has anticipated us that he will be freestyling while dancing to this song during his performances. We can’t wait to see him enjoying himself and smiling on stage!

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‘For Us’

If you thought this album couldn’t get any better, ‘For Us’ will literally leave you speechless! We got instantly hooked on this track with every single one of its layers: from the production and the piano instrumental at the end, to the heartfelt lyrics (which will make you feel extremely sentimental). Also, we have been levitating with Taehyung’s voice throughout the entire album, but there’s something about ‘For Us’ that is the cherry on top. He’s such a great vocalist! Consider us the biggest ‘For Us’ stans because we truly can’t stop listening to it!

Although there are no signs for a ‘For Us’ music video just yet, we truly wish that this track gets one to complete the visual component of the album! Anything can be portrayed with this song, but we know that Taehyung will keep evoking his most vulnerable and romantic feelings. Where can we sign to get the final music video to complete our Layover visual experience?

We’re so proud of Taehyung for releasing such an incredible masterpiece! Layover is the perfect album to turn on, take a deep breath, and be completely immersed in every single detail of it. Being able to enjoy his artistry, his growth, and his musical taste as a soloist is truly an amazing experience, and we’re so happy that every BTS member has been able to show us their different colors and styles. It’s so incredible to witness how our favorite seven can create such wonderful solo projects while gearing up for their return in 2025. We’re so thankful for being a part of BTS’ Chapter Two!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

What’s your favorite song from Layover? Are you following our footsteps and listening to the album on repeat? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And if you want to chat with us and our readers, join our Discord!

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