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Check Out How Vampire Mansion Makes Our Reality ‘Holographic’

Check Out How Vampire Mansion Makes Our Reality ‘Holographic’

We know that you know that we always love to keep you up to date with what is going on in the alt scene. And we have a sweet new release your playlist needs! This time we are thrilled to be covering ‘Holographic’ – the first comeback by Vampire Mansion, THP’s favorite alt-band!

Image Source: Carlisle Jones

Undoubtedly, the guys from Vampire Mansion have a unique way of making music.
Their musical arrangement is mind-blowing as it borders on the risky, but blends perfectly into the classic VM sound we know and love. Deep lyrics, outstanding guitar solos, and a rhythm that’s almost as smooth and catchy as honey!

Simply A Holographic Work of Art

We are rarely at a loss for words, but Vampire Mansion and their music manage to make us speechless every time. For this single, the band showed us a new side of their music and the passion that will eventually take them to the top of the charts.

Like the name of the song suggests, it plays with the idea of a hologram. The song looks back on a relationship and tries to get out of the emotional void that caused the breakup, giving hope and making it sound like it can move forward again one day. Meanwhile, the ex in ‘Holographic’ feels like much more than a memory – she’s intensely present, like a hologram that’s semi-there as Vampire Mansion search for answers that they might never truly find.

Holographic Thinking

As if blowing our minds with a lyric and a track like that wasn’t enough, Carlisle Jones directed this new Vampire Mansion video that represents holographic thinking in a beautiful way! We might just have a new fave music video…

This clip plays with different colors and perspectives in such a cool light, and it totally complements Vampire Mansion’s own musical and lyrical perspectives. It. feels like a whole three-dimensional experience that we can’t get enough of!

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We Can’t Get Enough!

It’s fantastic to discover something you didn’t know you needed until you find it. That’s what it’s like to discover Vampire Mansion, and we love it! What do you think about this new single? Come around @thehoneypop and let us know how you interpreted this great, holographic work of art.

Are we ever going to get tired of recommending great alt artists? We don’t think so, but in the meantime, take a look at our Instagram and Facebook for more suggestions!


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