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10 Of Our Favorite Lyrics Off Of Movements’ RUCKUS!

10 Of Our Favorite Lyrics Off Of Movements’ RUCKUS!

We’ve been dying to hear the entirety of Movements’ RUCKUS! ever since ‘Killing Time‘ and ‘Lead Pipe’ dropped. Time really does fly because it feels like that was just yesterday!

It’s not an exaggeration when we say that RUCKUS! is some of Movements’ best work yet. They dove into new sounds and expanded their already amazing catalog with these 10 tracks. Just listen to ‘Heaven Sent’ in comparison to ‘I Hope You Choke.’ Both songs are distinctly “Movements” while sounding completely different from each other. They’ve kept the core of who they are as a band while experimenting with different sounds for this album. We love seeing bands explore their sound, and Movements is leagues ahead of the rest right now. We’ve literally had RUCKUS! on repeat ever since it dropped, and our favorite track is changing day to day.

A Lyrical Masterpiece

Longtime Movements fans will tell you that one of their shining talents is their lyricism and how they translate emotions into music. Whether you’re in your feelings with something like ‘Full Circle’ or shaking a** to ‘Barbed Wire Body,’ you’re bound to take note of the lyrics. Since we’ve had RUCKUS! for almost a week now, we thought we’d take a moment to share some of our favorite lyrics from the album!

So within further adieu, here are 10 of our favorite RUCKUS! lyrics:

You turned me into someone else/And I don’t recognize myself
-‘You’re One Of Us Now’

And now I’m afraid to sleep at night/’Cause every time I close my eyes/I’ll fail you again
– ‘Fail You’

And I hope you choke on every word you’re sending/I hope it eats your soul
-‘I Hope You Choke’

‘I Hope You Choke’

Can’t be human, can’t be proud, it’s only love if it’s allowed
-‘You’re One Of Us Now’

Should probably be more cautious/’Cause I’ve been thinking that my thoughts could kill/Fly around the bend right up to the edge
-‘Dance With Death’

I never know just what to say so I keep shut/It’s like I’m always too afraid I’m gonna freeze up/And if I try too hard then it’s too much

And when the world stopped, it was just us/And neither Atlas nor his shoulders/Could hold the weight of that kingdom come
-‘Coeur D’Alene’

‘Couer D’Alene’

I’m overseas, inside a café/But when I see you in my dreams, you’re dancing slow’
-‘Heaven Sent’

See Also

This love has got me bleeding, and I know sometimes I make it worse/But your touch, I think I need it I think I like the way it hurts
-‘Killing Time’

When the air gets cold and the night shifts, I know you’re dreaming of the world next door/And it hits like the flip of a light switch ’cause, in the dark, you can be so much more, oh

How much do you love all these lyrics? We know we do. If you want to hear Movements display their amazing lyricism, catch them live on their headlining tour. Grab your tickets ASAP and hear Movements play these RUCKUS! lyrics live in all their glory.

Be sure to stream Movements’ RUCKUS! and let us know your favorite lyric in the comments below or drop us a line on our socials! We’re always buzzing about something on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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