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Em Beihold Is Riding An Emotional Roller Coaster And We’re Along For The Ride

Em Beihold Is Riding An Emotional Roller Coaster And We’re Along For The Ride

Em Beihold releases her new track 'Roller Coasters Make Me Sad'

If you haven’t heard of Em Beihold by now, your life is about to get a whole lot better. Em Beihold is a singer-songwriter who is the brilliant mind behind honest and lyrically strong songs like ‘Numb Little Bug,’ and ‘Roller Coasters Make Me Sad.’ She’s also the stunning voice featured on the viral track ‘Until I Found You‘ by Stephen Sanchez. Does that all ring a bell? Of course, it does! We had the honor of hanging out with Em and hearing her talk about all things songwriting, touring, and mental health.

Handling Pressure And Your Mental Health

With insane virality surrounding multiple tracks of Em’s and also those that she has featured on (‘Until I Found You,’) the question of how someone deals with this arises, and Em herself expresses that she’s actually still figuring out how to deal with the pressure that comes with a viral song and how to keep her music hers. Em makes it known that staying grounded, working, and surrounded by a community of people who she loves and who love her brings her peace—as well as staying off her phone and reminding herself to live in the moment. She emphasizes the idea of keeping an equilibrium in your head and keeping everything balanced.

We love to highlight the amazing relationships between artists and fans, and Em’s relationship with hers is amazing! She openly discussed how much she loves talking to them across all social media and even hinted at implementing Discord into this! She expressed how she definitely keeps them in mind when writing music and finds it fun to directly incorporate them into the process. But in order to continue writing about her truths and keep her lyrics honest and true to her, like in her recent release ‘Roller Coasters Make Me Sad,’ she has to separate the two. We love an artist who wants to keep her music personal!

Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent Tour

This March and April, Em will be joining superstar Lewis Capaldi on his North American tour (grab your tickets here!) This is the biggest tour Em has ever been a part of, and she expressed her amazement at the thought of performing at the Grand Ole Opry and Radio City Music Hall. Em is openly a Lewis Capaldi fan (aren’t we all?) and explains he’s one of the only celebrities she follows on social media due to his humor and realness. We cannot wait to see Em supporting at such iconic venues!

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We’re huge fans of Em Beihold here at The Honey POP (we’ve had ‘Roller Coasters Make Me Sad’ on repeat for the past month! We’re super excited to see her growth throughout 2023, which tracks have you added to all of your playlists? Let us know over on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!


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