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February Music Round-Up: Sabrina Carpenter And More!

February Music Round-Up: Sabrina Carpenter And More!

It’s about monthly wrap-ups start making their way back into our lives! So much incredible music took over our playlists in February that we had to gush all about it! Let’s dive headfirst into it!

Sabrina Carpenter – ‘Fast Times’

We are finally embarking on a new Sabrina Carpenter era, and man, judging by ‘Fast Times,’ we are in for a treat! Sabrina Carpenter has made the transition from Disney star to full-on pop star probably the most seamlessly, it’s a tell-tale that times are changing and musicians are being allowed to exist outside of their previous work.

Jack Harlow – ‘Nail Tech’

Yes, we are just like you, complete simps for Jack Harlow. We know he is a complete dream, and we could watch that Chicken Shop Date video over and over, but sometimes it feels like it’s lost on people that he’s one of the best in the game right now. ‘Nail Tech’ puts his flow on the pedestal it deserves to be on and reminds everyone that he’s here to stay.

Mimi Webb – ‘House on Fire’

We completely fell in love with the chorus of ‘House On Fire’ after hearing the clip Mimi posted on TikTok! Before the track was even released we would find ourselves singing it in our heads, now we have the full track to scream the words to whenever we want.

Trevi Moran – ‘Dose’

Trevi Moran is putting out straight-up bangers. We need all of you to pay close attention! ‘Dose’ is all the proof needed to convince anyone that Trevi rightfully deserves a spot in the pop music world, and with one look into Trevi’s discography, you will see this is a pattern. Every song is killer.

Also, we need ‘Echo (Trevi’s Version)’ as soon as possible.

Ed Sheeran – ‘The Joker And The Queen’ Ft. Taylor Swift

We obviously were going to gush about this meeting of two of the best musical minds in the industry! Anytime Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran team up its reassurance that they were meant to make music together, their voices compliment each other with how soft, yet powerful they both are.

And having the kids from ‘Everything Has Changed’ in this music video was too much for our hearts to handle.

Taylor Bickett And Charlie Pittman – ‘Harry and Sally’

We are convinced that ‘Harry and Sally’ may just be one of the best love songs of our time. Just the line “I’m not that attached, but I easily could be” perfectly sets up what it feels like when you realize your walls could come down with a person. Charlie and Taylor being in love in real life make this track all the more precious.

NEIKED & Mae Muller – ‘Better Days’ Ft. Polo G

Better Days’ is the party song for the summer of 2022, we’re claiming it now. The track instantly puts us in the best mood and makes us wish we were poolside at a club in Las Vegas with 100+ degree weather, that’s the vibe. Can summer please hurry up now?

Leanna Firestone – ‘Smitten’

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, chances are you’ve fallen in love with Leanna Firestone just like we have. Leanna’s relationship with her pen is something we are consistently so in awe of, she puts such intense emotions into words in the most beautiful way. ‘Smitten’ is the most perfect example of that claim.

Em Beihold – ‘Numb Little Bug’

TikTok is a powerful tool, just ask Em Beihold, the app has launched her into superstardom, and rightfully so. ‘Numb Little Bug’ is finally ours after being teased for so long, and this track is everywhere. Everyone is buzzing about what a force Em Beihold is going to be in this industry, 2022 is her year!

Erin Kinsey – ‘Hate This Hometown’

Adding a little country to this month’s wrap-up is a must, and who better to add that country flare than Erin Kinsey! ‘Hate This Hometown’ is a prime example of that storytelling trope country music is known for, we scream these lyrics at an insane volume.

Maddie Zahm – ‘Fat Funny Friend’

‘Fat Funny Friend’ by Maddie Zahm is a track we’ve cried a million tears to. We didn’t even know a song could hit this hard. The vulnerability takes to be this raw in a song is something we have to praise Maddie for. She has made people everywhere who struggle with their weight feel less alone, and that’s a beautiful thing.

See Also

Peach PRC – ‘God Is A Freak’

Peach PRC has exploded onto the pop music scene, and as fans, since ‘Josh,’ we are more than here for it! Peach is making infectious music, like ‘God Is A Freak,’ which addresses issues so many people have with religion in a way that makes you want to scream along with the words

Lyn Lapid – ‘I Guess That Was Goodbye’

Ever since we covered Lyn Lapid on new music weekly we haven’t been able to get enough of ‘I Guess That Was Goodbye.’ This track is so heavy, and tragically highlights the realization that someone is no longer in your life, it’s never an easy thing to accept, but having a song that makes you feel less alone makes the process a bit easier.

Tate McRae – ‘she’s all i wanna be’

Tate McRae is the moment. Anyone who’s been paying attention over the last year or two has seen exactly what we’re talking about. She has blown up and found her audience because every track she’s putting out is at the level of incredible that ‘she’s all i wanna be’ is at. This track really has us facing all our insecurities in a relationship but also dancing around our rooms while we do it.

Afton Prater – ‘Every Bar’

To close out this monthly wrap-up, we had to bring a little more country to the list. Afton Prater is an up-and-coming Nashville-based singer-songwriter who you all are going to soon be obsessed with! ‘Every Bar’ is exactly the track you want to play before a night out, its got a catchy chorus and perfectly describes the feeling of not being able to escape someone you love.

Check out more of our monthly wrap-ups here!

We would love to hear from you! What is a track you couldn’t turn off all of February? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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