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Meet Your Next Favorite Artist: Maddie Zahm

Meet Your Next Favorite Artist: Maddie Zahm

It’s a rare thing to find an artist who gets human emotion and the complexity of things like body image, sexuality, and struggles within religion as well as Maddie Zahm does. With every song she releases, we feel like we’re seeing a little more of who Maddie is, and that has allowed her fans to feel even more connected to the words that are being sung.

With the release of ‘You Might Not Like Her,’ we wanted to deep-dive into five of the Maddie Zahm tracks that have connected with us substantially.

Stream ‘You Might Not Like Her’ here and make sure to pre-save the You Might Not Like Her EP here!

‘You Might Not Like Her’

Considering it’s the newest single, and it’s Pride Month, we had to kick off the list with ‘You Might Not Like Her.’ ‘You Might Not Like Her’ is quite the honest look into both struggles with sexuality and religion, as well as a story of self-love and acceptance. We wish we had this song during the scary process that is being a teenager, we can’t even imagine how it would have shifted mindsets.

‘Family Reunions’

‘Family Reunions’ is the first song we remember hearing from Maddie – it was one of the first songs we heard on TikTok pre-release and we anxiously awaited until it was ours to have on repeat. ‘Family Reunions’ tells the tale of having to cut yourself off from the family of someone you were dating, which is often the hardest part. The chorus line “and as much as I miss talks with your dad, I need him to leave me alone” still gets to us. It’s always unfortunate when you realize the amount of hearts that can break when a relationship ends, and Maddie paints that painful picture beautifully.

‘Ex’s Side’

If you’re in the market for the ultimate post-breakup song, ‘Ex’s Side’ is the perfect track to add to your playlists. ‘Ex’s Side’ allows the listener to bask in the realization that your partner’s ex was right all along, and now you can find solace in knowing who was actually in the wrong. That post-breakup clarity is the best, and we’ve never heard that experience put into a song quite as Maddie has done here.

‘Fat Funny Friend’

Fat Funny Friend’ is one of those songs that was like lighting in a bottle on the internet, it feels as though the entirety of the web was obsessed with the song. As we said at the start of this, it’s rare to find an artist that just GETS IT, and Maddie gets it. Body image is a serious thing that affects so many people so intensely, so to have a song chronicle what so many of us have dealt with is so therapeutic, and it helps with wounds that will always feel fresh.

‘Blind Spot’

We’ve all gone through it: that hopeless longing for someone that treats you poorly. Your ‘Blind Spot,’ so to say. If it was happening to your friends you’d call it out, but with this person, you can’t help but overlook the red flags. The line “you could break my heart, and I’d say thank you,” still gives us chills, and the song has been out for almost a year.

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