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New Hope Club Are ‘Getting Better’ At Finding A ‘Girl That Can Do Both’

New Hope Club Are ‘Getting Better’ At Finding A ‘Girl That Can Do Both’

This is not a drill: New Hope Club have dropped not one, but two amazing new singles! Blake, George, and Reese never fail to amaze us, and this new double release is no exception. They’re giving us the ultimate teaser for their next album with ‘Girl Who Does Both’ and ‘Getting Better,’ two songs that show off their versatility and talent as a group. 

This release kicks off with the bop that is ‘Getting Better!’ This song has more of a retro dance-pop feel – think Bruno Mars and Pharrell. It delivers such a sunny vibe, insisting “good days are coming, coming my way” over a slick guitar riff before delving into a simple “la-la-la-la, life’s getting better” hook you’re pretty much obligated to sing along to. What a mood boost!

‘Getting Better’ embodies the album. It portrays exactly how we were feeling when we began this project, starting a new era. Being in the studio together, making music with our best friends, life was getting better.

New Hope Club

Now, on we move to the folksy pop track ‘Girl Who Does Both,’ the cutest tribute to the band’s girlfriends that celebrates all the sides of their personalities. It gives us similar sonic vibes to early songs by The Vamps, particularly the Simon & Garfunkel-influenced ‘Oh Cecilia’ and the optimistic ‘Hurricane.’ It feels like a warm summer afternoon and we can’t get enough!

‘Girl Who Does Both’ is a love note to our girlfriends. We love the little things and this song goes through all of those subtle details that you fall in love with when you meet someone.

New Hope Club

With these two songs in our library now, we’re absolutely stoked to see what NHC have in store for us with their sophomore album! These singles show off two separate ends of their talent spectrum and we’re desperate to know what the rest of the project will sound like. Will they continue in the groovy direction of ‘Getting Better?’ Or lean into the sound of ‘Girl Who Does Both’ and give us more calming tracks? Or maybe a bit of both? They did make it during the pandemic, so it’d make sense to dig into a little bit of sonic chaos.

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It has been a few years since we formed the band and we have grown together and become experienced musicians and writers by working with amazing people around the world. We felt that it was time to take this project by the scruff of the neck and guide our own path. We wanted to have full reigns over every decision. Writing during a pandemic had an effect on us, we felt that we needed to spread some light and positivity in a time where it was pretty hard to find.

New Hope Club

What do you think of ‘Getting Better’ and ‘Girl Who Does Both?’ Which track is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more New Hope Club content to keep you busy while we wait for the album, click here


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