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Stray Kids Blow Us Away With Circus

Stray Kids Blow Us Away With Circus

Every single Stray Kids release is an absolute masterpiece, and their Japanese comebacks are no exception whatsoever. Stray Kids’ second Japanese mini-album, Circus, is incredible, to say the least. With incredible new songs, the Japanese version of older tracks, and a mind-blowing music video, this is how you make a Japanese comeback.

The title track

‘Circus’ could easily be the title track for a regular Korean Stray Kids comeback, and that’s just how hard they go in this song. It has so many twists and turns, that it makes you want to play the song over and over again. It has so many killing points, that it is impossible to narrow it down to just one point – but every member has their shining moment and we’re here for it. And while it does have that circus atmosphere, it is not too obvious or in the face – it is the right amount of subtle elements in the production and lyrics that make it so witty. You might think you have Stray Kids’ song structure figured out, but ‘Circus’ is simply unpredictably good. They prove yet again their genius when it comes to the composing and creation of their music.

The music video is a big part of just how impactful ‘Circus’ is. Coming back to their doppelganger concept they’ve had in other music videos like ‘ALL IN‘ in 2020, Stray Kids portray both the performers and the intruders. The outfits and the aesthetic are to die for, and the choreo is just mind-blowingly good and addictive to watch. They truly outdid themselves with this one, and no one but Stray Kids could do anything like this.

The b-sides

Along with ‘Circus,’ Stray Kids released the Japanese version of their iconic title track, ‘Maniac,’ as well as two of their most emblematic b-sides: ‘Venom‘ from ODDINARY and ‘Silent Cry‘ from NOEASY. Not only that, but they also released two incredible new songs.

‘Your Eyes’ is a soft and addictive romantic ballad. The lyrics are about trying to comfort someone, and it is supported by a beautiful melody that will get stuck in your head. They translated the feeling of the song into a music video where each member represents a time in the day, and they use the camera as a point of view. It is wholesome, cute, and heart-fluttering. Just Stray Kids being boyfriend material for 4 minutes.

Meanwhile, ‘Fairytale’ is an emotional and EDM-driven track that talks about heartbreak, written and composed by Han. The vocals are incredible and the way all the members convey their feelings is just amazing. It has this youthful and first love turned into a tragedy feel to it, while clashing with the more upbeat track. Sad songs that make you want to get up and dance are indeed one of Stray Kids‘ many specialties.

Between the next take on older tracks and their new tracks, there is something for everyone in this release. Stray Kids keep going above and beyond to give us the best of the best when it comes to music and content overall. And they always leave us at the edge of our seats waiting for more masterpieces. And we know they’re always on their way.

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