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15 Stray Kids Songs You Need In Your Playlist

15 Stray Kids Songs You Need In Your Playlist

Are you looking for Stray Kids’ songs to add to your playlist? You’re in the right place.

Even though they’ve been around for only two years, Stray Kids has one of the most diverse and flawless discographies out there. They’re known for their energetic title tracks such as ‘MIROH,’ ‘My Pace,’ or their latest comeback ‘God’s Menu.’ But they also have some hidden gems that might surprise you.

Here are 15 Stray Kids songs that you might not know but that need to be in your playlist.

Source: JYP Entretainment

‘Grow Up (잘 하고 있어)’ (I am NOT, 2018)

Contrary to what casual listeners might expect from a song by Stray Kids, this is a very soft song coming from their debut EP, which was released in early 2018, I am NOT. ‘Grow Up,’ or ‘잘 하고 있어’ in Korean which means “you’re doing well,” will bring you comfort in a time of need. This song will remind you better than anything that it’s okay to make mistakes and not to have everything figured out, and that no matter what you’re doing well. It’s definitely a song to cry to, but it feels like a hug in a song, and that’s something everyone needs.

‘Voices’ (I am WHO, 2018)

If you need to remember only one b-side from their second EP, I am WHO, (which we don’t recommend because every song in it is grammy-worthy) it’s this song. Rap, vocals, killer choreography, amazing lyrics … This song has it all. It treats the theme of mental health and battling with the voices in your head that tell you to give up and poison your mind. We highly recommend you check out the lyrics

Also, earlier this year, they did a performance video for the OT8 version of the song almost two years after its original release in mid-2018, showing how much they’ve grown as a group but also how timeless this song has come to be.

‘부작용(Side Effects)’ (Clé 2: YELLOW WOOD, 2019)

Yes. We know. It’s a title track, an underrated one at that. This is a hit or miss for most people, and unfortunately for most at the first listen, it is a miss; but we highly recommend you give it another chance.

Once again, this song talks about mental health and the struggles and anxieties of growing up. And they use the genre of psytrance to recreate such a feeling. In other words, this song isn’t just “noise,” there’s a reason for the use of such production and everything in the song. If you go beyond the first impression, we promise you’ll realize what a masterpiece this song is.

‘잠깐의 고요(Maze of Memories)’ (Clé 1: MIROH, 2019)

If you like rap, this is for you.

Stray Kids are known for their rap line, and after listening to this song, you’ll understand why. Starting softly with their, at the time, main vocalist Woojin and maknae I.N, leading to Han’s explosive rap that’s divided into two parts as the tempo changes in the middle of it (a rap he wrote in only 15 minutes by the way). You then have a back and forth between Changbin, Hyunjin, and Minho, and it ends, after another tempo change, with English rapping from Felix, Seungmin, and Bangchan. Woojin and Jeongin eventually finish off the song with their incredible vocals.

In other words, this song feels like you’re in a maze, in the best way possible, as you go through different tempos, rap styles, and languages. ‘Maze Of Memories’ shows what Stray Kids are capable of as rappers and songwriters, and it’s one of their best songs ever released.

‘청사진 (Blueprint)’ (GO LIVE, 2020)

This might be a newer song, but it’s already a highlight from their discography. Summer might be ending soon, but this is still the song of the season.

‘Blueprint’ feels like a breath of fresh air. The feel to it, the change of vibes between the verses and the chorus -everything about it is just perfect. It’s a feel-good song that will put a smile on your face no matter what, and it will make you just enjoy the moment.

‘Get Cool’ (I am YOU, 2018)

This isn’t an underrated song per se … But it isn’t a title track either so … We’ll still talk about it because it’s a need in your Stray Kids playlist, kpop playlist, or any playlist ever made. 

Stray Kids are known for their darker concepts and their deep lyrics, yet this song is unmissable. They pull off the cute concept like no one else. The English rap by Aussie members, Felix and Bangchan, the iconic opening by I.N, the choreography … Everything in this song is there to make you happy and let go of all your problems.

‘Booster’ (Clé: LEVANTER, 2019)

This song has everything that’s good about Stray Kids -the aggressiveness, the energy, the rap, the vocals. If you need something to get energized by, this is for you. It will get you so hyped, it’s hard to explain how good this song is and it’s also hard to understand how criminally underrated it is. You need to add this Stray Kids song in your playlist immediately.

‘Hello Stranger’ (2020)

Stray Kids don’t have many love songs in their discography, but they nail it every single time, and this is no exception.

‘Hello Stranger’ is their latest release, and it was written for a web drama, Pop Out Boy. This is nothing like their first OST though, (which will get into in a moment). ‘Hello Stanger’ is energetic and one to dance and have fun to. Each one of the members shines in this song, and it’s impressive how this song is just an OST and not a b-side for their album or even a title track. Even if you don’t relate to the amazing lyrics, this is a fun one for sure, and one that will get stuck in your head for a while.

‘어린 날개’ (Mixtape, 2018)

This is an old one, but it remains such a beautiful and meaningful song. It’s a pre-debut song released in their Mixtape in early 2018 along with all the songs that they wrote and produced during their survival show, Stray Kids, back in late 2017.

It gives way for more vocals than usual, and it’s also more of a pop song than anything else in their discography, but they delivered it perfectly, showing how they’re able to nail every single genre out there even before their official debut. This song feels nostalgic, but it’s also a feel-good song that every STAY holds dear in their heart, and even if you’re don’t stan them yet, you’ll understand why when you listen to it and read the lyrics.

‘Chronosaurus’ (Clé 1: MIROH, 2019)

Need a song to be the soundtrack to your existential crisis? We got you.

‘Chronosaurus’ lyrics are based on such an original metaphor that puts time as a monster. The name of the song comes from the mix of the Ancient Greek word “Crono” which means “time” and “Saurus” which is by what most dinosaur names end. In Clé 1: MIROH, Stray Kids tried a bunch of different genres, and this one is a more rock-like song that fits them so insanely well, you wouldn’t expect it. Between what could be the definition of an explosive chorus delivered with outstanding high vocals and low ad-libs and the lyrics: this is for sure one of their best songs and a must-listen from them. 

Also, just so you know, once you listen to it, it’s hard to stop- just a friendly warning.

‘일상 (Another Day)’ (GO LIVE, 2020)

‘Another Day’ definitely sets itself apart from every song in their first full-length album, GO LIVE, released mid-June of this year, but also from every song in their discography. Not only does it feel necessary in the album, but it’s also necessary for our daily lives.

This is a song that was solely written by Stray Kids’ member Han Jisung last winter after he went through a hard time. The relatable lyric with the melody rap and the harmonies, as well as the acoustic guitar, give way for a perfect song for a rainy day. It’s one to cry to for sure, but their voices will also comfort you.

‘바보라도 알아’ (Mixtape: On Track) (2020)

‘On Track’ was their first release in Korean of 2020, and it was released for the second anniversary of their debut. Not only is the music video so fun to watch, as they take on a High School love triangle storyline, but also the song has very beautiful lyrics written by main rapper Changbin. It talks about regret and heartbreak, but somehow the song is very comforting, and the melody will put a smile on your face.

‘Sunshine’ (Clé: LEVANTER, 2019)

Remember when we said that ‘Grow Up’ felt like a hug? ‘Sunshine’ kinda feels the same.

This song feels like the calm after the storm. It feels like a break from all the noise and problems of real life. The lyrics were written by Han, just like ‘Another Day’. From the soft vocals and calm rap to the r&b-like production, this song can make everything better.

See Also

‘끝나지 않을 이야기’ (2019)

‘Neverending Story’ was Stray Kids’ first OST, and it also was their first ballad. Not only are the lyrics absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking, but the vocals are unbelievable. Yes, Stray Kids has an amazing rap line, but they also have amazing vocalists, and they show them off in this song.

The song fits perfectly for the K-drama it was written for, Extra-ordinary You (2019), where two characters are written in different comic books and universes and somehow always end up together. In other words, they’re a story that never ends. 

If you are searching for a romantic ballad with amazing rap and mind blowing vocals, this is the song for you.

‘Mixtape#1’ (I am NOT, 2018)

Not a day goes by that we’re not thankful for this song was released in streaming platforms even if it was more than a year after its original release.

If you’re not that familiar with Stray Kids or don’t necessarily stan them, here’s a quick explanation about this song. Stray Kids have a producing team, 3RACHA (composed by Bangchan, Changbin, and Han), that released music pre-debut through SoundCloud. Once they debuted as Stray Kids, with every mini-album, they would release the OT9 version of a 3RACHA song but as a bonus track that was CD only, meaning it wasn’t available on any streaming platform. The four first mixtapes were later released as part of Clé 2: YELLOW WOOD mid-2019. The fifth and last one to date, released with Clé: LEVANTER in late 2019, is unfortunately not available on streaming platforms yet.

All that to say that this is the first one, and the special thing about the mixtapes is that every member participates in the lyrics, whereas most of Stray Kids’ songs only count with the participation of 3RACHA members. That makes this one extra special.

That’s not the only reason why you need this song in your life: the rap is amazing, the drop is addictive, and everything about it feels fresh and comforting. ‘Mixtape#1’ is so authentic to them, and you won’t regret listening to it.

If you’re curious, you can compare it to the original version, ‘Placebo’.

We hope you found at least one Stray Kids song here to add to your playlist, and if you’re looking for more reasons to stan them besides their amazing music, here are five more.

Which song is your favorite? Which Stray Kids song is already apart of your playlist? Have any other Stray Kids song you would like to recommend? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram.

If you’re looking for more Kpop coverage, we got you.


Featured Image Source: JYP Entretainment

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