Here’s Why Stray Kids’ Han Is An Ace of K-Pop

Stray Kids is one of those groups that have it all, and it’s not only the group as a whole but also the members, and Han is the prime example of this. When we tell you Han can ace anything he tries, it isn’t an exaggeration. He isn’t called an ace for no reason. Han is literally the embodiment of all the aspects of K-Pop.

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Being one of the two main rappers in Stray Kids, Han’s flow is always incredibly unique, and each verse is so well executed. The versatility in his rap is also worth to be pointed out because yes, he can rap in powerful and strong songs, but he can also bring so much feeling and emotion to his raps.

Anything from 3RACHA to Stray Kids’ newest tracks, Han always kills it. And it’s not an exaggeration to say he’s one of the 4th gen’s best rappers, if not one of K-Pop’s best rappers in general.


Han’s main position in Stray Kids is main rapper, yes, we’ve established that, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t out there giving us incredible vocals and pulling off Stray Kids‘ highest notes. It isn’t out of this world for rappers to be vocalists as well in K-Pop, but not many have the voice to be main vocalists. We can surely confirm that Han could easily pass off as a main vocalist. And that’s not only because he can hit high notes and has a wide range, but also because of how unique and recognizable his voice is.

There are many songs and performances by Stray Kids that show this side of Han. However, the one that does stand out is Stray Kids’ version of BTOB’s ‘I’ll Be Your Man.’ In this performance, Han took the role of one of the main vocalists, and he killed it. He’s by far one of the many highlights of this beautiful performance. (He also slipped an incredible rap verse there because it’s Han after all. If he can do both in one song, he will.)

His Songwriting

You might already know that Stray Kids write and produce their own music. And you might also already know that Han is one of the 3 members that are in charge of that. Because that’s also the thing about Han: not only does he rap extremely well and could easily pass as a main vocalist, but he’s also an incredible songwriter.

Through Stray Kids’ discography, he has been part of the writing of most songs. But most importantly, in that discography, he wrote ’19,’ ‘Sunshine,’ ‘Another Day’ and ‘Secret Secret’ all by himself. Adding to that, Han has released several SKZ-Records and SKZ-Players showcasing his own songs. Going from a diss track like ‘I Got You’ to a stripped-down acoustic song like ‘Another Day,’ his style is very diverse and he always offers the best of the best when it comes to lyrics. Songs like ’19’ that talks about the fear of growing up, ‘Another Day’ whose happy and relaxed melody clashes with the sad lyrics about inner struggles, and ‘Wish You Back’ which he wrote thinking about what would happen if Your Name had a bad ending, truly show his genius as an all-rounder artist.


Han doesn’t lack in anything. Even though he isn’t really part of Stray Kids’ dance line, it’s safe to say Han is still an incredible dancer and he would probably be at least a lead dancer in any other group. There really isn’t much to say about it because his dance is always so powerful and on point.

It clearly wasn’t a mistake or a coincidence for him to be center in the breakdance at the end of ‘Double Knot.’ And he did it amazingly, adding so much power and confidence to the performance. That being said, even when he isn’t at the center, he totally owns the choreography every single time.

Stage Presence

This one is probably obvious given that Han is an incredible rapper, singer, and dancer. All of that obviously amounts to one simple thing: Han not only has an incredible stage presence but he’s simply an incredible performer.

It doesn’t matter what they’re performing – a ballad or a dance track – Han always has his way of shining and grabbing everyone’s attention. The energy and confidence he gives off on stage is really one of a kind and truly incredible to see.


While K-Pop is indeed mainly about music, it does involve other things. And no, this isn’t necessarily a talent, but it is worth mentioning for sure. What can we say? The man is beautiful.


Again, K-Pop is mainly about music but not only. A big part of K-Pop is variety shows and the content that surrounds the idols’ personalities. And let us tell you that whatever Stray Kids video you see, there’s absolutely no way you won’t laugh thanks to Han. He simply has a way of lighting up a room and lifting up the mood. While he has an incredibly vulnerable side which you can see mostly in his music, he’s also an incredibly bright and uplifting person. And honestly, Han is just hilarious.

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It’s not only that Han is good at everything, but he excels at everything he does, and he was simply born to be an idol. He’s one of the most talented idols out there, and the fact that he has shown so much of himself in just four years just proves how far he will go as an artist and a person. And now you know why Han is considered one of the aces of K-Pop.

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Featured Image Source: JYP Entertainment

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