Hot Milk Party Hard At Cathouse’s First Show Back!

Hot Milk Party Hard At Cathouse’s First Show Back!

Still steaming from a killer set at Reading Festival, Hot Milk took to the infamous stage inside Glasgow’s world-famous rock club, Cathouse. Here at THP, we love a good riot to a bit of pop-punk and the debut show on their ‘I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I’m Dead’ tour was no exception. 

Kicking off the night, we were treated to a stellar set from Arizona-based rock band Doll Skin. We loved their youthful energy and couldn’t get enough of the bass lines, rhythm-fuelled guitar solos, and expert vocals. Next time they’re in town, they’re a band that we simply couldn’t miss!

Speaking to MTV, Hot Milk said in the run-up to the tour that they want their shows to be ‘a f**kin’ party mate.’ Now if last Wednesday was anything; it was most definitely a party. 

A f**kin’ party mate!!! We want our shows to be a place where people can let go, forget all the sh*t that has been getting at them lately and just reclaim your authentic self.

Hot Milk for MTV

The night continued in a haze of smoke and a kaleidoscope of light as the opening chords to ‘I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I’m Dead’ rang out through the speakers. In the middle of a UK heatwave, the club was sweaty but alive, and after so long without live music, we were right in the thick of it. 

The tunes kept on rolling and we partied hard to ‘Wide Awake’ and hit single ‘Candy Coated Lie$.’ After over 500 days without live music at Cathouse, the entire night was one to remember in a celebration of the band’s EP release. Post-show, we can say with certainty that Hot Milk is a group to keep your eye on throughout the rest of 2021!


  • ‘I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I’m Dead’
  • ‘Wide Awake’
  • ‘Candy Coated Lie$’
  • ‘I Think I Hate Myself’
  • ‘California’s Burning’
  • ‘Song 2’ (Blur Cover)
  • ‘The Good Life’
  • ‘Woozy’
  • ‘Glass Spiders’
  • ‘June Gloom’
  • ‘Split Personality’
  • ‘Awful Ever After’

Stream Hot Milk’s EP here!

What’s your favorite Hot Milk song? Let us know by tweeting us over @TheHoneyPop and we can gush together!

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Featured Image and Gallery Source: Sophie McCarthy for The Honey POP

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