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8 Stray Kids Songs Felix Owned With His Voice

8 Stray Kids Songs Felix Owned With His Voice

Stray Kids’ Felix has one of the most recognizable and unique voices in the industry right now, and that’s just a fact. His deep voice is one of the elements that make Stray Kids’ music so special. From shorter parts to longer verses, Felix‘s voice always has a way to leave an impact. Here are some songs that we believe his voice turned into the masterpieces they are.

‘God’s Menu’ (GO LIVE, 2020)

Let’s start with the obvious: ‘God’s Menu.’

This 2020 release was so iconic for countless reasons. It really elevated Stray Kids to a whole other level. And while this song has many killing points, it’s impossible to talk about this song without mentioning Felix.

The way the song comes out of its first energetic and powerful chorus and goes into this verse with Felix’s deep voice is the definition of iconic. It had everyone shocked to their core. There are probably one or two compilations on YouTube of people reacting to it because of how fun it is to see people shocked. Not only the “cooking like a chef I’m a five-star Michelin” part, but also the pre-chorus before the second chorus is unforgettable. It is still to this day one of the songs that use Felix’s voice the best.

‘Side Effects’ (Clé 2: Yellow Wood, 2019)

‘Side Effects’ is a perfect example of how Felix’s deep voice works into a song. His main verse works perfectly as a transition between the vocal part of the verse and Changbin‘s rap. The depth of his voice is even more highlighted because it breaks with the more melodic part of the song.

And of course, let’s not forget about that “meuri apeuda” before the last drop. How everything strips down and you only have his deep voice, just to go into the iconic heavy psytrance EDM drop. It really doesn’t get more iconic than that.

And talking about ‘Side Effects’ and ‘God’s Menu,’ Stray Kids knew exactly what they were doing when they put both his parts together in their mash-up performance of the two during Kingdom. Chills. Literally chills.

‘Up All Night’ (SKZ-Player, 2021)

Parting ways from Stray Kids’ title tracks for a second, let’s talk about one of their latest SKZ-Player.

‘Up All Night’ was teased quite a long time before being released. Bang Chan actually teased it back in 2019 and all we had was one line sang by Felix – and the way it stuck. Overall in the song, not only Felix uses his voice differently than in other songs, by singing in a very low register, but his voice creates the perfect mood and compliments the instrumentation and vibe of the song like no one else. It is a side that we hadn’t seen from him before and he totally killed it.

‘Levanter’ (Clé: LEVANTER, 2019)

Now, his part in ‘Levanter’ may not be the longest, but the impact it has surely lasts for a long time. While he does have a solo in the second verse of the song in a back and forth with Hyunjin, that isn’t the part we’re here to talk about.

After the bridge where I.N sings about letting go, it all stops just to have Felix say: ”It’s all good now.” And you feel that in your bones. And it makes you truly believe that everything is good now. The way they used his voice here is short but so effective. This is the killing point of one of Stray Kids’ best songs ever. (And let’s not forget about his incredible dance solo right after that made it even better.)

‘SSICK’ (NOEASY, 2021)

For as iconic as Felix’s rap is, let’s not forget about his singing voice.

There are a couple of songs in Stray Kids’ discography in which Felix sings – such as ‘Hero’s Soup’ (I am YOU, 2018) and ‘Phobia’ (GO LIVE, 2020). But there’s something truly special about ‘SSICK’ (no pun intended with the lyrics of his part). The back and forth between him and Bang Chan during the second verse makes his singing voice stand out so much. The boy has a beautiful voice, so it’s amazing to see him singing more and more every time.

‘3rd Eye’ (I am NOT, 2018)

‘3rd Eye’ is kind of a throwback compared to all the other songs in this list, but this gem is definitely worth mentioning. The b-side of Stray Kids‘ first mini-album, I am NOT, is one of their most rap-heavy tracks. The production and the vibe it creates is truly one of a kind, and it might be one of their best lyrical moment.

But apart from the fact that ‘3rd Eye’ is undoubtedly a masterpiece – let’s talk about Felix’s verses. The depth of his voice here serves the song so well. It can be surprising especially because the track starts off quietly and almost smoothly. But that’s exactly why the impact of that first verse and Felix’s voice is immeasurable. This song has so much to offer and Felix’s verses are one of the main elements that one just can’t get out of their head after listening to this closing track.

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This is a newer release from Stray Kids but there’s no better way to put it than to say Felix snapped in this one.

‘DOMINO’ has probably Felix’s best verse ever – or at least one of them. The confidence he gives off during his parts is incredible and so uplifting – especially in the second verse of the song. It isn’t necessarily a song that shows how low he can go with his voice but shows more of his rapping skills. And the way he delivers this verse is just incredible. It makes the song hit so much harder.

‘Victory Song’ (Clé 1: MIROH)

And of course, how in the world could we leave this one out?

That opening verse is everything. If you want a sample of how low Felix can go with his voice, this is it. And the fact that this is the opening verse of this song makes it even more impactful. There are no words to explain how Felix’s voice adds so much to every single song and the impact it has on the listeners. But for ‘Victory Song’ in particular: he was insane for this.

What’s your favorite Felix’s part in Stray Kids’ discography? What song would you add to this playlist? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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