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13 Famous Aussies We Love To Stan

13 Famous Aussies We Love To Stan

Australia has given us some very talented people, there’s no secret about that. We wanted to take some time to tell you all about some of our favorite famous Aussies!


Image Source: 5SOS via Twitter

You know if we’re making a list of our favorite Aussies we have to include 5SOS. Those of you who are frequent readers here at THP know we have no shame in expressing our love for the geniuses behind ‘Teeth.’ All four of the guys are from New South Wales, and their career started at a gig at the Annandale Hotel. The boys have even shown their love for their home in the past year with their epic performance at Fire Fight Australia, with their music video for ‘Old Me‘ which revisits the start of their career, and with their song ‘Red Desert’ which is said to be about Australia.


Image Source: Mali-Koa via Twitter

Mali-Koa, a favorite here at THP, was born and raised in New South Whales. The ‘Hunger‘ singer has lots of talent, we just can’t help but be in love with her voice. Some of you may remember when she was on The Voice Australia back in 2012 and blew us away with her version of ‘American Boy.’ Whether you began listening to Mali-Koa way back then or more recently, we think we can all agree that she’s amazing.

Lee Felix (Stray Kids)

Image Source: Stray Kids via Twitter

Of course, we have to include some of our favorite Aussies in K-Pop! Stray Kids has two Australians in the band, the first being Lee Felix. That’s right, one of our favorite men in K-Pop was born in Sydney, Australia. We love hearing his rapping and watching his killer dance moves. Obviously, Lee Felix is one of our favorite Aussies, and we think many of you will agree that he belongs on this list.

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Image Source: Stray Kids via Twitter

Remember how we said there are two Aussies in Stray Kids? Bang Chan was raised in Sydney as well! Even though he wasn’t born in Australia we think he still counts, especially considering his accent. From his singing to his songwriting everything Chan does is great. We love the Stray Kids frontman so obviously, he had to hold a spot on our list.

Troye Sivan

Image Source: Troye Sivan via Twitter

Singing, acting, and YouTube are all reasons we love Troye Sivan. Many know Troye from his hit songs ‘YOUTH’ and ‘Easy’ while others may know him from his funny videos or his role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. No matter how you came to know of him, we think it’s safe to say we can all agree he’s pretty talented. But you may not have known that Troye was raised in Perth, Australia. Obviously, he had to be on our list!


Image Source: AC/DC via Twitter

AC/DC has had a large following for quite some time now. The band was formed in 1973 and has managed to stay popular all this time, gaining more and more fans. People went insane when they dropped their album Power Up. But did you know the band, known as “Acca Dacca” in Australia, was formed in Sydney? The fact that they’ve stayed popular for so long is amazing we just have to stan them.


Image Source: ENHYPEN via Twitter

ENHYPEN fans, we know you’ll agree with us on this one. Jake is another one of our honorary famous Aussies in K-Pop. While he was born in South Korea, he moved to Brisbane, Australia as a small child. We love everything about Jake, from watching him on stage to listening to him gush about animals. Who doesn’t love him?

Chris Hemsworth

Image Source: Chris Hemsworth via Twitter

Okay, we had to add an actor to the bunch here. Who doesn’t love Chris Hemsworth? He’s the man behind Thor, arguably one of the best Avengers. When people think of famous Aussies, Chris is often one of the first people to come to mind. We love his roles in Ghostbusters, Men In Black: International, and even way back in The Saddle Club.

Cody Simpson

Image Source: Cody Simpson via Twitter

Cody Simpson grabbed our attention back in 2012, making young girls swoon. Since then he has released three albums and many singles. He’s even made a few appearances in the world of acting and was on a season of Dancing With The Stars. No doubt the Aussie singer had a spot on this list.

The Veronicas

Image Source: The Veronicas via Twitter

Twin sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso formed The Veronicas back in 2004. The band went on hiatus for a while, but returned in 2014, catching the attention of many. We’re big fans of their music and can’t wait to see them in the upcoming season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

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Maia Mitchell

Image Source: Maia Mitchell via Instagram

Listen, Maia Mitchell is our favorite Australian actress. A lot of us were introduced to her through Disney Channel on Jessie and Teen Beach Movie. Maia is also known for her roles on The Fosters and Good Trouble along with many others. We love her work and can’t wait to see what’s to come.


Image Source: Rosé via Instagram

Okay, we all know Rosé is like the queen of K-Pop. From her voice to her sense of style everything about her is perfect! She was even chosen as YSL’s first global ambassador. Rosé is another of our honorary Aussies as she was born in New Zealand but was raised in Melbourne. She’s definitely one of our favorite Australian women and we know most of you agree.

Iggy Azalea

Image Source: Iggy Azalea via Twitter

That’s right, Australia’s own queen of rap Iggy Azalea is our last Aussie on the list. Iggy started her music career in 2011 and has been slaying ever since. She has released two albums, many EP’s, and has had so many successful collaborations with well-known artists. We love Iggy and can’t wait to see what music she has to come.

Those were 13 of our favorite famous Aussies. Do you share our love for these people? Who are some of your favorite Australians? Let us know in the comments or on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

Featured Image Source: The Honey Pop

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