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Here’s Why Everyone Loves Stray Kids’ Felix (As They Should)

Here’s Why Everyone Loves Stray Kids’ Felix (As They Should)

Since Stray Kids‘ debut, we’ve been falling for Felix more every day. Felix has stolen everyone’s heart in more ways than we can count! There’s something about him that makes him so loveable and admirable. We’re here to tell you exactly why everyone loves Stray Kids’ Felix and why you should too (if you don’t already).

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He’s An Incredible Dancer

First things first, Felix is not part of the Danceracha unit for no reason – and his dance skills are a big part of his charm. Felix gives his absolute everything in every single performance, with precision and energy. Not only that, but you can really tell that he just loves dancing as much as we love seeing him doing it. And there’s quite literally not a single K-pop choreography he wouldn’t be able to pull off perfectly. He’s an incredibly talented and versatile dancer!

His Unique Voice

Felix’s voice is not only an asset to Stray Kids’ music, but it’s also one of the reasons why people are always drawn to him. His unique deep voice brings so much attention to him and surprises everyone when they first hear him – also because he really doesn’t look like he’ll have such a deep voice. His voice alone is one of the reasons why Stray Kids’ songs are so unique and recognizable. Yet it’s not only about the tone of his voice, but his rapping as well. Through the years, he has grown to be an amazing rapper – just listen to his self-written verse in ‘Muddy Water.’ And on top of that, Felix can also sing. Songs like ‘SSICK‘ and ‘Phobia‘ show it beautifully. His voice is incredible and it becomes better every single day!


Love this beat 🔥 Muddy water #straykids w//@tomthummer #stay 💛 #felix

♬ original sound – Stray Kids – Stray Kids

His Stage Presence

Put his dance skills together with his unique voice, and you get an incredible performer. But his stage presence is worth being talked about by itself. There’s something about his energy when he performs – you can just feel how much he loves and enjoys being on stage. It makes it impossible to not be completely captivated by him whenever he performs. He’s an incredibly talented person, but all the hard work he puts into his performance is also admirable. Felix is truly someone so admirable to watch perform and grow as an artist.

His Charisma

The thing is that Felix is also an incredibly charismatic person – on and off stage. His energy is what makes everything he does become lowkey iconic. It’s not only about him keeping up with trends on TikTok and having an incredible sense of humor, but it’s more importantly the way he does it. Not everyone could go viral (and that word doesn’t even seem to be enough to show off his impact) like he did with a TikTok dance. Seeing him in any shape or form of content is always special! His energy and loveable aura are absolutely everything. This man is just iconic.

His Love And Care For Others

It doesn’t take a genius to realize just how much Felix is loved by everyone around him! And the thing is that he also has so much love for everyone, and he isn’t afraid to show it. Whether it’s with the members of Stray Kids, with Stays, with staff, with other idols, or literally with everyone else, Felix is simply a sweetheart. He has such a big heart and brings great support to everyone. And he has even donated to and helped charities and associations to help kids in need! He’s full of love.

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He’s A Literal Sunshine

Felix’s happiness and energy are just addictive and contagious. It is no coincidence that in Korean, they sometimes call him 행복 (pronounced ‘haengbok’ and meaning happiness) as a play with words from his Korean name: 용복 (pronounced ‘yongbok’). Felix has such an energy to him that feels comforting and, yes, healing. Don’t let his deep voice and captivating stage presence fool you, because this man is the embodiment of sunshine! It really feels like he brings happiness and brightness everywhere he goes. We don’t think it’s even possible to not love this man and not fall head over heels for him.

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