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Hey, You Wanna Come In? Stray Kids is Back with ‘Back Door’

Hey, You Wanna Come In? Stray Kids is Back with ‘Back Door’

Stray Kids is finally back with ‘Back Door’ and, as expected, it’s incredible.

It seems like it was yesterday when Stray Kids had their massive comeback and released their first full-length album, GO LIVE. However, Stray Kids are already back with the repackaging of the album, IN LIFE, and they’ve lived up to the hype that was created around them after ‘God’s Menu’.

In less than 24 hours, this album has already broken one of their records. Stray Kids sold over 50,000 sales for GO LIVE on its first day, and they doubled this milestone today. IN LIFE sold over 110,000 sales on its first day of release. This made it the second repackage album from a JYP artist to have a repackage album do better than the original album. They also hold the third place for the most sales in the first day by any group under JYP Entertainment, as well as the third place for the most sales in the first day by a 4th generation boy group.

So, let’s see what this well-deserved hype is all about.

‘Back Door’

With ‘Back Door‘ Stray Kids managed to turn their sound into something completely different and surprising. The presence of a cheeky and fun bass line was not something you would expect from one of their songs or title tracks. But then again, you never know what you expect when it comes to Stray Kids.

The song opens with a sassy rap from Han and one of Hyunjin’s best verses ever. Once more, you can tell Stray Kids experimented with new things with ‘Back Door’. The drop is very different from anything out there and it’s so addicting as it includes musical elements that we’re not so used to and they use it in a very different and original way as well. The last chorus is the highlight of this song. Just like the members said, it feels like a festival. It’s full of energy to the point that each time you listen to it you get even more hyped.

And when it comes to visuals, both music videos and choreography are flawless. They included very original movements in their choreography that we’ve never seen before any other choreography, and they used the stage in a whole other way. Overall, the choreography feels very new, and they executed it to perfection. The music video has already over 1M likes, which is their fastest music video to do and the first one to achieve the milestone in less than 24 hours.

‘Back Door’ is a comeback from Stray Kids we’ll remember for a long time.

The B-Sides

And if you thought ‘Back Door’ was amazing already, you ain’t ready for the b-sides.

The album opens with a revised version of ‘GO LIVE‘, the original intro for the album. ‘The Tortoise and the Hare‘ is longer, and it has way more twists and turns. The structure of the song is way more complex than its original version and makes it such an interesting listen. The production of the song has a lot to do with the lyrics as it sets a difference between the tortoise and the hare. It’s a journey, and it’s the perfect introduction to Stray Kids.

There’s no better way to describe ‘B Me‘ then it being the embodiment of angst in a song. Lyric wise it gives ‘Levanter‘ vibes, as it talks about letting go of someone so that they can finally be their true selves. The song has such an explosive and addicting chorus that could easily be considered pop perfection. The vocals are incredible, especially in the post-chorus. And as always, the rap is incredibly well delivered and the lyrics go right to your heart. Something about it feels so epic, and we love it.

Ex‘ is one of their most beautiful songs ever released. To summarize the heartbreaking lyrics: the song talks about the regret of letting someone go. Once again, the vocals are amazing, and the back and forth with members for the rap in the verses is gorgeous. If you’re into songs from them like ‘Mixtape: On Track‘, this one is for you. They outdid themselves with this one. They also performed it at their showcase, and it sounded even better live.

The fourth track in the album repackage is ‘Any‘. It’s such a fun song to listen to, but the lyrics are way deeper than one would think. A highlight from this song is Changbin’s rap for sure. He gives such energy to the song.

If you’re interested in reading the lyrics which we recommend, here is a thread of translations:

The sub-unit songs

And of course, what Stays were asking for months is finally here. The sub-units songs: ‘We Go‘ by 3RACHA (Bangchan, Changbin, and Han), ‘Wow‘ by Lee Know, Hyunjin and Felix, and ‘My Universe‘ by Seungmin and I.N. featuring Changbin are finally out. These three songs were first performed in late November 2019. Since then, we’ve been obsessed with watching the performance from concerts but on youtube. And now, we finally have the studio versions to put them on loop.

‘We Go’ is a fun and catchy song by our favorite producing trio, 3RACHA. It has everything we love from a 3RACHA track. The attitude in the rap, a catchy hook, and amazing chemistry between the three of them – it’s the perfect mix. This is one that you’ll have on repeat for sure.

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‘Wow’ is the second sub-unit song, and it’s by the dance line, otherwise known as Danceracha. This song showcases so well how versatile Lee Know, Felix, and Hyujin are. Not only they are amazing performers and dancers, but they all sing and rap. It sets itself apart from every Stray Kids song not only because it’s the only song from theirs that hasn’t been touched by any 3RACHA member but also because it gives off a sexy vibe, which is nothing we’ve seen from them before. At least not like this. The stage of this song is something everyone needs to watch for sure.

‘My Universe’ is a beautiful ballad carried by amazing vocals from I.N. and Seungmin. Both of their voices fit so well together in this comforting song that they dedicated to Stays. Changbin has also a big part of it and his verses give the song an amazing dynamic. Stray Kids are more known for the rappers, but this song shows better than ever that they have very talented vocalists as well who are worthy of a lot of attention and praise.

Source: JYP Entertainment

In conclusion…

If you want to know about the rest of the songs that were already included in the original album, check out our GO LIVE recap

When asked about the concept of ‘Back Door’, Felix said: “Anyone who knocks on our door, you are always welcome at any time, anywhere, and we’ll always let you join us.” So, if you don’t stan Stray Kids yet, what are you waiting for? Here are 15 songs for your playlist, and 5 reasons why to stan them so you get started.

What did you think of ‘Back Door’? What’s your favorite b-side? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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  • I am not a long term kpop fan therefore I don’t know if any boy idol group had incorporated musical theater dance into choreo. Back Door has a strong musical theatre vibe. It reminds me of movie West Side Story (the dance inside a parking garage) and Damn Yankees (the baseball dance). The camera angles follow the dance movement. Editing makes it visually impactful. I love the MV, choreo, and the song itself. It hypes me up every time I listen to it.

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