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6 Times Stray Kids’ Lee Know Proved To Be An Incredible Dancer

6 Times Stray Kids’ Lee Know Proved To Be An Incredible Dancer

There’s a reason Stray Kids’ Lee Know is one of our favorite main dancers ever. He’s a great asset to Stray Kids and the impact of their performances. And the thing is: Lee Know is not an idol-turned-dancer, he’s a dancer-turned-idol! He started dancing in middle school and became a professional dancer by joining a dance crew long before getting into JYP Entertainment.

Looking at his career, Lee Know was on his way to being a professional choreographer, and in another world, he probably would’ve been in Street Man Fighter. But that’s not the world we live in – Lee Know got into JYP, broke the record for the shortest time to master all the dance levels, and joined Stray Kids only a couple of months after becoming a trainee. And now he’s a rapper, a singer, and a dancer in one of the biggest boy groups out there. So yes, we love how things turned out! Here are some of the times he blew us away with his talent and skills in dancing.

Now, Lee Know gives his absolute everything in each and every Stray Kids performance. We could probably add every single choreography of theirs to this list, because he constantly proves how amazing he is – Lee Know is a dancer, he dances! But in this list, we’ll be looking more at special performances. Keep in mind, though, this man always brings everything to the table when it comes to dancing and performing. He was simply born to dance and to be on stage!

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Well, this is an obvious choice, isn’t it? A no-brainer. And sure, ‘DAWN’ was released a while ago – back in June 2019, making it the first-ever individual SKZ-Player – but it still remains an absolute masterpiece. Remember how we said that he was on his way to becoming a professional choreographer? Well, Lee Know choreographed this one and it is amazing. It still remains as one of his best dancing moments to this day.

‘DAWN’ is one of those choreographies where he showed such variety in his dancing, splitting the choreography into two – a more jazzy part and a strong hip-hop part. Lee Know showed less than two years after Stray Kids’ debut that he was one of the best dancers out there. Get this man an Artist Of The Month video already!

‘Back Door’ at MBC Gayo Daejejeon 2020

Now, yes, we said that we wouldn’t be looking at Stray Kids’ usual performances – which is technically still true. In their performance for MBC’s year-end festival, Stray Kids performed both ‘Back Door‘ and their GO LIVE b-side ‘TA.’ But in the middle of it, we were all surprised by a Lee Know solo break dance. It was powerful and impactful, and it still lives rent-free in our heads. He showed so much strength as a dancer and performer. It’s been almost two years, and it still is one of the best things that happened to us! He was simply insane for it.

Kingdom’s Performance Film

Something we still can’t believe from the whole Kingdom experience is that it gave us such incredible performances – and this was one of them. Before the show even started, one dancer from each group performed a solo, and Lee Know’s solo dance was just mind-blowingly good. It’s intriguing and mysterious, and he mixed contemporary and hip-hop dance so flawlessly. Do you know how hard it is to dance blindfolded? Yet Lee Know did it as if it was the most natural, normal thing ever. It was fluid, powerful, and beautiful. Seeing this performance and knowing that Stray Kids’ Kingdom‘s final song is ‘WOLFGANG’ just makes sense – they knew exactly what they were doing.

EXO’s ‘Wolf’ Cover

And not to bring up Kingdom again, but we just need to mention this performance. Any time Lee Know covers a K-Pop song, he gives his everything and ‘Wolf’ is totally proof of it. With so many incredible dancers on stage, Lee Know still shined every time he was on camera. He ate this whole entire performance. He showed such incredible skills, technique, and stage presence, not only as a dancer but as an idol. And how could we forget that behind-the-scenes clip of him and I.N practicing? He’s just an incredible performer, idol, and dancer.

‘Thunderous’ at Asian Artist Awards 2021

Stray Kids’ year-end performances are always extra special. They always come up with new concepts and re-invent their songs as many times as necessary. For their performance at the Artist Asian Awards 2021, they performed both ‘Thunderous’ and its b-side ‘DOMINO.’ But the transition between the two is what we’re looking at here. After 3RACHA‘s special performance, Lee Know performed a solo that simply blew us away. Mixing traditional Korean music with hip-hop, just like Stray Kids did with ‘Thunderous,’ Lee Know’s performance was a true highlight of the night. It makes it extra special to know that on the same night, Stray Kids won their first ever Daesang and for none other than Best Performance of the Year. Makes perfect sense!

SuperM’s ‘Tiger Inside’ Cover

Lee Know covering other K-Pop songs just hits different, okay? To celebrate the coming of the year of the tiger, MBC made a team of seven idols born in 1998 – aka the year of the tiger – to cover SuperM’s ‘Tiger Inside.’ Lee Know absolutely snapped for this performance. He was simply incredible and not only showed his dance skills, but he also proved to be an all-rounder idol by rapping Mark‘s opening verse and singing Taemin‘s part on the bridge. Not many could do that, if we’re being honest! His powerful dancing and his dedication to the cover were just incredible. It’s no wonder this is Lee Know’s most watched fancam ever with over 1.6 million views.

What’s your favorite performance out of these? What’s your favorite Lee Know dancer moment? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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