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Our Favorite Songs in English By JYP Groups

Our Favorite Songs in English By JYP Groups

Stray Kids and ITZY have had a killer 2021, to say the least. Both groups had the most iconic comebacks of the year, and they’ve achieved incredible goals one after the other. And they’re nowhere close to stopping! With the breaking news that JYP has come together with Republic Records once again to sign these two groups, following TWICE, we can’t help to look back on our favorite songs in English by JYP groups.

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‘You Were Beautiful (English Ver.)’ By DAY6 (2018)

The first JYP group on our list, with one of their songs in English, is none other than DAY6. We could’ve easily included all the English versions they released onto this list – because if there’s someone that never misses when it comes to this, it’s DAY6. ‘You Were Beautiful’ is such an iconic song though, you would think it’d be hard to make another version of it. And yet… the English version of the song is simply perfect: the lyrics are flawless, the feeling is there to break you, the vocals are incredible as always. Thank you, DAY6, now we can sing along to ‘You Were Beautiful’ at the top of our lungs without butchering the Korean language!

‘LOCO (English Ver.)’ By ITZY (2021)

Last year was huge for ITZY. Not only did they release, yet again, two comebacks that shook everyone, but they also released their first full-length album: Crazy In Love. One of the tracks on that album was the English version of the title track, ‘LOCO.’ It was the perfect take on the original song, which is already pretty incredible and one of their best releases. The vocals in this version, though, sound incredible, and their English almost brings out something new to their voices. After this release, ITZY aren’t even close to stopping, as they’ve just signed unto Republic Records. One thing’s for sure: we can’t wait for what type of song they come up with next, but we’ll know it’ll be on loop for hours on end – just like every ITZY release.

‘Levanter (English Ver.)’ By Stray Kids (2020)

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Stray Kids is the second group to be newly signed unto Republic Records, and their history of English songs is pretty flawless. As of now, Stray Kids have released the English version of five of their songs. But let us take right back to one of the first two they released: ‘Levanter,’ their 2019 title track. Along with ‘Double Knot,’ the English version of ‘Levanter’ was released back at the beginning of 2020. This version perfectly replicates the feelings from the original version. It is melancholic and nostalgic, yet somehow empowering and freeing. This version is not only good, but it might be just as good as the original – which is rare to find. Stray Kids are no strangers to writing their own music, and with several fluent English speakers in the group, they are often also involved in the writing of these versions. It makes their future under an American label all the more exciting and we can’t wait to see what they do with this incredible opportunity that screams nothing less than “Stray Kids world domination.” But meanwhile, we’ll keep crying to the English version of ‘Levanter.’

‘The Feels’ by TWICE (2021)

And of course, how could we forget about the most iconic English song by a JYP artist? ‘The Feels‘ is actually the only song on our list that was originally released in English, and what a song. TWICE‘s first English single was everything you could want, and you bet this song has been on loop since its release in mid-2021. As usual, TWICE made history – and no one is surprised. The retro feel of the song, the sheer happiness this track gives, and its addictive choreography made it the perfect pop song. ‘The Feels‘ is the best feel-good song out there and to say it was iconic is to sell it short. TWICE has reached incredible success everywhere in the world and we don’t see them stopping any time soon. ‘The Feels’ is just the proof of it!

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Which one of these English songs by JYP groups is your favorite? What other song would you add to the list? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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