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Hey, Why So Serious? ITZY Is Back With ‘Cheshire’ And You Will Love It!

Hey, Why So Serious? ITZY Is Back With ‘Cheshire’ And You Will Love It!

It’s been an incredible year for ITZY, and they end it on the biggest note yet – their new comeback, ‘Cheshire,’ is here!

Ever since their debut, ITZY have experimented with different sounds, concepts, and vibes. After the success of CHECKMATE, we really didn’t know what to expect next – whether they would stick to a fun concept or do something else. And the girls have seriously surprised us! ITZY mixed everything we love about them and put it all masterfully in one song – needless to say, this might be one of their greatest comebacks to date!

itzy cheshire
Image Source: JYP Entertainment

The Title Track

‘Cheshire’ is hands down of their best title tracks ever. Seriously. This is a pop masterpiece – as simple as that.

This song is fun, but it is actually so much more than that. The chorus is intriguing, mysterious, catchy, and just magnificent. The melody in the chorus is incredibly addictive and full of a charm truly unique to ITZY. Their voices have seriously never sounded better. ‘Cheshire’ just allows every single member to shine and showcases their best sides. It is simply so ITZY, and yet it’s unique, new, and refreshing. That’s what ITZY has always been about, after all.

And what makes this whole song and comeback even better is the concept. ITZY are queens of concepts, we know this. But this one has to be their best yet. The music video and the entire aesthetic are directly inspired, of course, by the Cheshire Cat of Alice In Wonderland – and ITZY fit it so well. They’re sassy, quirky, and overflow confidence – it’s literally everything we love about ITZY. 

And, of course, how could we talk about an ITZY comeback without talking about the performance? These girls just get better at performing with every single release. And if you doubted just how huge this song is just think about the fact that ITZY‘s first live stage of ‘Cheshire’ was at the Mnet’s Asian Music Awards – aka the biggest K-Pop awards. The stage was impressive, to say the least, and the girls totally owned the show. It was the perfect performance for the perfect song.

The B-sides

But not everything is about ‘Cheshire’ as the song was released along with three b-sides. And we love them just as much as the title track. Seriously, this entire EP might be one of ITZY‘s finest works yet.

The first b-side out of CHESHIRE is ‘Snowy‘ – and what a song this is. By sampling Beethoven’s ‘Für Elise,’ the girls build an intriguing and mysterious atmosphere. It fits perfectly with the vibe of ‘Cheshire’ but takes the intrigue a step further. The song is perfectly produced, and it is so addictive. It’s subtle and fresh yet incredibly impactful.

Contrary to what the title might make you think: ‘Freaky’ is a pretty laid-back and chill RnB song. It still has that unapologetic vibe that we love from ITZY’s music. It’s chill yet full of attitude. Truly a unique gem in ITZY’s discography.

itzy cheshire
Image Source: JYP Entertainment

And, of course, we all know ‘Boys Like You‘ by now. The girls released this pre-release single as the first taste of this comeback. It had all the 2010s vibes we loved, and it was also their first English single. More than a month later, this song is still very much stuck in our heads – and we’re not mad about it.

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The girls have come so far, and this is only proof of it. ITZY just keep being iconic and keep surprising us with every single one of their moves. In this EP, they really tried different things and created a vibe we’re absolutely obsessed with. We lowkey wish we could have more because we can’t get enough of it. ‘Cheshire’ is the most ITZY comeback yet, and we’re loving every single part of it. It’s already one for the books!

You can stream CHESHIRE here!

How much are you loving ‘Cheshire?’ What’s your favorite b-side? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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