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Here’s What To Do During The Winter In Stardew Valley

Here’s What To Do During The Winter In Stardew Valley

For almost seven years now, all we’ve wanted is to somehow move to Stardew Valley and become friends with all the characters in Pelican Town! One thing that doesn’t sound like it’d be too much fun, though? Being a farmer in the dead of winter. Lucky for us, Stardew Valley has so much to do that you don’t have to dwell in the farmhouse all day – let’s take a look at some of our fave ways to pass the time during the colder in-game months!

Plant Crops In The Greenhouse

Of course, if you’re playing a game all about farming, you’ll probably want to keep farming. And once you fix up your greenhouse through the Community Center, you can farm year-round! You can set up any crops, no matter what season the seeds are for, and you can add sprinklers around the dirt so you won’t have to water anything manually. We recommend using the greenhouse for regrowing crops like grapes and hops so you can get as much profit as possible with not a lot of effort!

Work On Community Center Bundles

Speaking of the Community Center, why not use the cold months to catch up on some bundles? Every room you complete not only restores part of the Community Center, but can give you special bonuses like your own greenhouse, access to the town quarry for more ores and minerals, and friendship boosts. And once you finish all the rooms, the evil Joja Mart disappears once and for all. Some other options on this list will help you get the items you need, so let’s get playing together! 

Visit The Calico Desert

After you fix up the bus stop in Pelican Town from the Community Center vault bundles, it’ll give you the chance to buy a bus ticket to the Calico Desert! Once you’re there, you can forage around for items like Cactus Fruit, go fishing for the special Scorpion Carp and Sandfish, shop at the Oasis, and even mine in the Skull Cavern. Watch out, though, it’s a little tricker than the mines in Pelican Town. 

Hit Up The Mines

What better way to pass a cold, gloomy day than to head deep into the mines? From axing different stones and boulders for ores, to slaying some slimes and rock crabs, there’s so much to do. And there are so many levels to do it on – 120, to be exact. Time to get adventuring! Make sure you bring some snacks, so you don’t pass out if your energy gets low. 

Go Fishing Around Pelican Town

So we know there are several fishing locations throughout Pelican Town, including the beach, near Marnie’s Ranch, and even by the blacksmith shop. But did you know certain fish only come around during the winter? The glacierfish, lingcod, perch, and squids like the colder weather, and there are even some midnight squid, spook fish, and a blobfish (yes, a blobfish) that pop up near the beach during the Night Market event. Get your lines ready!

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Make Jellies & Wines From Leftover Crops

It’s tempting to sell all your crops as soon as you harvest them, but if you hold onto a few, there’s a way to make more money through the winter! You can use fruits like grapes and blackberries to make jelly and wine – while it might take a few days for the preserves jars and kegs to churn them out, they’ll give you a lot more money than the crop alone would. 

Make Mayo, Cheese, & Truffle Oil From Animal Products

Kinda like making jellies and wines, you can also spend some of your time in the winter making mayo, cheese, and truffle oil! If you have pigs, they probably won’t be running around finding truffles in the snow, but your chickens/ducks will still be laying eggs and your cows/goats will still be giving you milk. Might as well get a little extra money out of them while things are quiet, so get yourself a mayonnaise machine and cheese press ASAP.

Give Gifts To The Town People

What would you do if you had some time off work? Probably catch up with some friends, no? That’s why winter in Stardew Valley is the perfect time to get some friendship points. Take a nice little walk and say hi to the villagers, and maybe even drop off gifts for some of them! Be careful, though, because you might be met by some glares if you give them a present they don’t like… 

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Cook With Your Leftover Crops

Once you have the kitchen upgrade from Robin, you’re all set to cook up a storm! You can cook with everything from crops, to animal products, to fish, and you can learn new recipes from the TV’s cooking show or buy them at the Stardrop Saloon. Then dine by yourself, give some to your partner, or offer some to your friends around Pelican Town!

Plan Your Layout For The Spring

Okay, let’s admit it, half the fun of Stardew Valley is figuring out the perfect layout for your farm. It has to be pretty and functional, so why not start planning a little early? Grab your tools, sprinklers, and fences to map out an idea for your springtime crops. 

What’s your favorite thing to do in Stardew Valley? How do you spend your winter in the game? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more gaming content, click here.


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