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We “wanna be friends” With joan After This New Song

We “wanna be friends” With joan After This New Song


A new era of joan is upon us, and saying we’re excited is an understatement! When the duo dropped tour dates last month, we had the feeling something amazing was cooking up. And boy, oh boy, were we right, with their brand new single ‘don’t wanna be your friend.’

‘don’t wanna be your friend’ is all we wanted and so much more. Bringing something new but also nostalgic, joan has found the perfect blend to make you want to get up and dance, or sadly sway for their tear jerkers.

Their musical style is immaculate (okay, their actual style is pretty cool, too), and the twist they’ve put on pop is untouched. Don’t believe us? Watch their newest video below!

Did someone say strange lights? If being abducted by other beings means we get to listen to joan all day, sign us up!

[‘don’t wanna be your friend’] details the all too relatable feeling of being in a relationship with someone you love and feel close to but knowing that you need to move on as that person is not the right one for you…it’s also about growing up though and knowing that you just can’t continue being friends with each other, because you know how that situation turns out.”

joan on ‘don’t wanna be your friend’

Co-written with Jon Capeci from Nightly, they really found such an upbeat way to say “I love you so much, I can’t even take looking at you anymore.” BRB so we can add this to our breakup playlists.

All jokes aside, the lyricism jumped out at us. Lines like “I don’t wanna sit through coffee, feeling like I’m out of body,” are something we feel in our bones, and, “I hate how you turn it on and off like a faucet, now it’s flooding and my mind’s getting lost.”…. Yes, just yes.

Not only did joan just drop a single from a new project, they dropped the first single from their debut album! And when we tell you we’ve been waiting for years, we aren’t exaggerating! The album took them three years to make, but soon the album will bless our ears. 

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And if you really REALLY loved joan’s ‘don’t wanna be your friend,’ you can catch joan at one of their tour dates, that you can find right here. Raise your hand if you already bought tickets to see joan live! Let us know where in the comments below or tell us over on Twitter! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

If you love joan, we got you covered.


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