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You Should ‘Be In Love’ With ITZY’s Checkmate Tour Setlist

You Should ‘Be In Love’ With ITZY’s Checkmate Tour Setlist

“I-T-Z-Y blow your mind” wasn’t just a lyric on ‘Free Fall’ – it was a mission statement for ITZY! These girls are constantly blowing our minds, and the latest example is their Checkmate Tour setlist. With two dozen songs, including a handful of covers, there are so many iconic moments that this tour is blessing us with.

Chaeryeong, Lia, Ryujin, Yeji, and Yuna have stolen our hearts yet again and we can’t say we’re mad about it. So let’s check out the songs that made the setlist!

‘In the morning’

After a stunning chess-themed intro video, the Checkmate Tour starts with a bang thanks to ‘In the morning,’ with some added guitar and drums that make it the perfect opener. Who do we have to talk to to get a studio version of this remix?! We have a few dollars we can throw into the deal.

‘Sorry Not Sorry’

We weren’t sure if we’d see 2021’s b-side ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ on the setlist, but we’re so happy that it made the cut! This guitar-tinged jam has such a unique energy that stands out from the rest of ITZY’s work, so it’s exciting to see it get its own concert moment.


The Checkmate Tour gives us the live debut of ‘SHOOT!’ from the girls’ 2021 mini-album GUESS WHO! And guess who’s a little too excited about that? We are, of course! ‘SHOOT!’ is the perfect summer anthem and MIDZY can have tons of fun dancing the night away to it.


Anyone else screaming over the fact that we finally get to hear the bop that is ‘WHAT I WANT’ live? We got what we want and ITZY looks just as happy while they dance around with smiles on their faces.


We really got three live debuts in a row, huh? Our girls are spoiling us this era! ‘365’ is such a confident jam that lends itself so well to a concert environment. The bass probably makes the building shake and we’re jealous of those who have experienced it already! 


‘CHERRY’ rights! This song is an absolute banger and deserves so much more attention than it gets. We’ve been in love with it since 2019 and it’s so nice to see it get recognition on the Checkmate Tour setlist.

Ryujin Solo: ‘Boss Bitch’

Shin Ryujin once again proved she’s the coolest person ever with a confident Doja Cat cover as her solo stage! She made the choreography and rap look effortless and had us screaming the entire time. Now that she’s given us a Bebe Rexha collab, maybe Doja could be next? Pleaseeeeee…


Starting with an acapella intro that left our jaws on the floor, ‘ICY’ brings such a cool vibe to the show, and we couldn’t imagine the setlist without it. There’s a reason it’s a K-Pop classic – it’s a bop with a great message!

‘Free Fall’

We’ve got another live debut, this time for the Checkmate track ‘Free Fall!’ From the moment the girls got in that star formation in the beginning, we were absolutely hyped. And they served with their vocals and choreo!


If you’re actually 20 and seeing ITZY perform ‘#Twenty’ live, we’re living vicariously through you! It’s definitely one of our faves in their discography thanks to the cheerful vibes and upbeat sound, and this performance definitely does that justice. 

Yuna Solo: ‘Maniac’

Whoever decided to give Yuna a Conan Gray cover for her solo stage deserves a raise, because listen to this! She sounds incredible and she nailed the sassy tone of the song. Not to mention the adorable bike and rose props – she’ll be riding around our minds rent-free for the next few weeks thanks to this performance. It’s just the cutest!

Lia Solo: ‘Red’

Swiftie MIDZYs, our time has come! Lia blessed us with a show-stopping cover of Taylor’s breakup anthem ‘Red’ for her solo stage. She took on a more subdued vibe than the other girls did and did a guitar-driven cover, letting her vocals be the main focus as tears ran down our faces because of them. Shifting from a pretty acoustic version to a full, arena-ready bop was so smart! 


The individuality anthem of our generation is an obvious choice for the Checkmate Tour setlist – we couldn’t imagine an ITZY show without it! The remixed intro was also so impressive and got us even more hyped for the song than usual.


Catch us spending all our dollas for a chance to see ‘DALLA DALLA’ live this tour! Between the vocals and the infectiously fun choreo, this is one song we had our fingers, toes, and everything crossed to hear on the setlist.


We’re very excited to report that ITZY’s latest banger of a title track, ‘SNEAKERS,’ is amazing live in an arena! The girls look like they’re having so much fun and we can feel their energy even through our screens.

Chaeryeong Solo: ‘bloodline’

Excuse us?! Chaeryeong, you can’t just do that and expect us to be okay. Her gorgeous vocals sounded as incredible as ever and she nailed the casually confident vibe of this Ariana Grande banger! We also love this song choice – “I know what you’re looking for, but I’m complete” sounds like it could be an ITZY lyric.

Yeji Solo: ‘Hotter Than Hell’

If you wanna know what Yeji’s solo stage is like in just a few words, just look at the title of the Dua Lipa song she covers for it! From her smooth dancing to her stunning voice, Yeji absolutely ate this and left not a single crumb. We don’t usually get to hear her vocals like this, so we’re blown away by what she showed us.

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Finally, some recognition for the IT’z ME track ‘NOBODY LIKE YOU!’ This song is an absolute bop and deserves all the attention it gets from being on the tour setlist. The pop-rock vibe is immaculate and we’d love to hear more ITZY songs like this in the future!


Hearing the b-side to 2019’s ‘DALLA DALLA’ wasn’t on our Checkmate Tour bingo card, but we’re losing it now that we have! It’s such a sweet moment to get to hear a track from their first-ever mini-album now that they’re embarking on their first world tour.


We’re sure we speak for all MIDZYs when we say we’re “crazy in love” with the live version of ‘LOCO!’ Not gonna lie, we were a little sad that they did a shortened version, but Ryujin’s solo outro with the dance break made our hearts happy again.


We’ll never get tired of hearing ‘NOT SHY’ live, especially when they give it a cool extended intro like on the Checkmate Tour! This was the perfect closer for the main set and brought so much energy.


As a tribute to MIDZY, ‘DOMINO’ already made us teary-eyed, but that’s amplified when ITZY are singing it straight to the fans who inspired it! It creates such a special encore moment, especially when the crowd has their light rings in the air to show their love for our girls.

‘IT’z SUMMER’ + ‘Be In Love’

Chaeryeong, Lia, Ryujin, Yeji, and Yuna close out the night with the summer anthem that is ‘IT’z SUMMER’ and the mid-tempo bop ‘Be In Love!’ It’s the sweetest way to end the show while showing their appreciation to their fans and making sure everyone is motivated to have the best summer ever!

Wow, what a show! Which song were you most excited to see on the setlist? Which solo stage was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more ITZY content, because we all need more ITZY in our lives, click here.


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