THP’s Top 5 ITZY Song Picks

THP’s Top 5 ITZY Song Picks

We don’t know if you know this, but we here at The Honey POP are big fans of the iconic, ITZY. We would even like to consider ourselves MIDZY’s. So with that being said, we have brought to you – whether you are an OG fan, a new fan, or someone that wants to stan ITZY – our top five ITZY songs! Disclaimer the tracks in here aren’t necessarily ranked (amongst themselves), we put them alphabetically, so it can look pretty. Enjoy!

Image Source: ITZY’s Twitter (@ITZYofficial) for KR NOW, Naver App

‘Be In Love’

Iconic vocals! The high notes they hit in ‘Be In Love’ … wow. It is one of ITZY’s slower tracks, but still iconic, not every great track has to have a fast bpm. Also, the lyrics to it are just very cute, and because it was made with MIDZY, that makes it much more special, and we think it’s one of their best songs.


Right from the beginning, we knew ‘Cherry’ was gonna be that song. With the beat, along with Ryujin opening the track, it instantly became one of our favs. Also the lyrics, what else can we say “It’s really the cherry on top” of a great track.


You’re lying if you don’t think that ‘DALLA DALLA’ is that debut song! If it didn’t make your list, do you often not like songs because they become popular? Do you hate fun? We’ll give you some time to think that over and also to stream ‘DALLA DALLA.’


Probably ITZY’s best song, ‘Surf’ had to be on our list. Much like ‘Be In Love’ ITZY really hits those notes in this track. Sadly though, ITZY doesn’t perform this track as much as they should, so we guess we’ll just keep streaming the few live videos we do have.


‘WANNABE’ is on the same level as ‘DALLA DALLA,’ where it’s not only catchy but also such an iconic track! The shoulder dance and cool beat, what’s more iconic, and memorable than that? Catch us doing the choreography till we die.

So, there you have it! ITZY’s top five songs, and if you don’t agree with some tracks, just see it is as what we think are their top five songs. Also if you didn’t see your fav song on this list, which track did we miss? What would be in your top five songs of ITZY? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: ITZY’s Twitter (@ITZYofficial) for KR NOW, Naver App

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