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Exclusive Interview: P1Harmony About Their Debut, New Comeback, And More!

Exclusive Interview: P1Harmony About Their Debut, New Comeback, And More!

Hey K-Poppies, the moment has come for us to finally bring you a new interview! And yes, you read that right, it is P1Harmony this time around! We have been gushing about this group for a good while now and raved about their latest comeback already. Now, we had the chance to finally ask these boys personally about their music and more.

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If you don’t know who P1Harmony is yet, then here is your chance. The sextet debuted under FNC Entertainment in 2020 and has been making waves ever since. They recently made their comeback with ‘Doom Du Doom,’ giving us fun melodic summer vibes make sure to check out the entire album. If you want to find out more then keep scrolling! 

You debuted amidst the pandemic which no kind of training can prepare you for. We know how much it has affected fellow fans and general living throughout the past few years. How did it impact you as artists? How did you stay motivated to work towards success during difficult times?
JIUNG: To be honest, I have no idea what is the difference between before COVID-19 and after, so it did not affect me. Since we prepared the debut for the COVID-19 period, COVID-19 did not affect us. Though, I am now realizing that I haven’t been missing the fun part because we are spending more time with our P1ece. That is my strength recently.

You have taken us on a journey from your first EP Disharmony: Stand Out, to your new one Harmony: Zero In. And we feel you’ve grown significantly! Have there been any significant changes you have seen with yourselves or each other that you are proud of? 
THEO: I like that we are getting more mature with our appearance. Since we debuted so young, we were like young boys mimicking adults even though we were trying to express tough concepts. Now we are more fit for that. 

Listen, we can’t stop listening to Harmony: Zero In, and we already know you’re going to gain so many new fans this comeback! For people who are just getting to know you, which of your older songs should they start listening to first?
INTAK: I would recommend ‘AYAYA.’ The song is very fun and exciting, so everyone will love it!

A lot of your music is high energy and you have the visuals to match in your music videos. What would you say most inspires your aesthetic?
JONGSEOB: For this album, we wanted to send the message that I will do it my way, so you do too. From that message, every member has their coolness and way of expressing themselves. Moreover, in the music video or on the stage, we are using our energy in our way.

What we love about y’all is that you co-write your lyrics. What lyrics are you the proudest of writing in Harmony: Zero In? Or which one(s) are your favorite that another member has written?
INTAK: I am especially proud of ‘Mirror Mirror’ in this album. I think I wrote the lyrics matching the song, so please check this out. 
KEEHO: INTAK’s lyrics on ‘If You Call Me,’ I like the part “Before I die, what should I leave behind?”. Also, again, INTAK’s lyrics on ‘겁나니(Scared),’ “I was impressed by the part ‘Are you that busy to eat and live to throw away yourself?”

We know how hectic idol lives can be. When you’re blessed to have some downtime, what is something each member can be found doing to unwind?
SOUL: I listen to emotional music or dance. Especially, when I dance freestyle, I wouldn’t notice how much time has passed, so that is the way I release my stress.

If you had the chance to have your music featured on a movie/tv soundtrack, what would it be and why? Bonus question: which song or songs would you choose?
KEEHO: I would choose ‘Intro; 틀 (Breakthrough).’ It would be cool to be in a majestic action movie.
THEO: I would choose ‘If You Call Me.’ As the lyrics and the mood of the song would be the perfect fit for the movie.
JIUNG: I would choose ‘Intro; 틀 (Breakthrough).’ The song is very powerful, so it would be a great fit for an energetic movie or drama soundtrack about the story of growing up.
INTAK: I would insert ‘If You Call Me.’ The song is very smooth and good, so it could fit every genre of movie and drama.
SOUL: I would choose ‘Yes Man.’ It would be a great fit for the HERO anime movie about the Yes Man who is guarding the world against the villain who made the world No.
JONGSEOB: I would choose ‘Swagger.’ If you imagine it, it would fit well with a scene where the main character dances an inner dance while walking. 

You’ve covered songs like ‘Maniac’ by Conan Gray, and Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘good 4 u.’ Are there any new covers we should be expecting from y’all this year?
JIUNG: Thank you! I can’t tell you what song I’m going to do, but I’m preparing songs of various genres to show a new side of me. Thank you for your anticipation.

We love the ‘Doom Du Doom’ video and we see you dancing in a boxing ring. If you had to enter the Olympics, what sport would you be playing?
KEEHO: If I have to challenge myself, I think it would be cool to do something like horseback riding.
THEO: I want to try volleyball. I like volleyball so much.
JIUNG: Thank you. I want to try speed skating or short track speed skating. Since I ride bicycles, I think I would do well because my leg muscles are developed.
INTAK: I like soccer so much, so I want to try soccer.
SOUL: I would do a 100m run or basketball.
JONGSOEB: I want to try out some skateboarding tricks!

Speaking of ‘Doom Du Doom,’ what was the highlight of filming the music video in Los Angeles?
SOUL: In the music video, we are holding the flags, but each one has a different design, so please check that out.

You recently got to collab with Pink Sweat$, what was the biggest thing you took away from that experience? Who are some other artists you would love to collab with in the future? 
JONGSEOB: The biggest experience I got through collaborations is when I usually work, in a good way, I worry a lot, and in a bad way, I tend to wrap my head around it. Of course, it is not a bad thing to be considerate, but when I collaborated with Pink Sweat$, during the recording or directing, he was having a lot of fun and being comfortable. So, I learned the mindset not to try to be too hasty.

You debuted a year and a half ago now, and you’ve certainly made a name for yourselves. What would you say has been the most valuable thing you’ve learned since becoming an idol? 
INTAK: I think it is to be able to make a big impression on someone with the lyrics I wrote and my actions.

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You’re getting to meet so many international P1eces this year with your tour in the U.S. and the recent show in London. What has been the biggest lesson or memory from these experiences?
JONGSEOB: First of all, in the past, I hesitated when speaking English because I lacked confidence in communicating with overseas P1eces and fans, but at the end of the tour in the UK, I was a little more confident and tried to talk a lot.

Last question! Because we love spreading positivity and being sweet like honey, what is one sweet thing you can say about one another?
KEEHO: While all the other kids were leaving work, SOUL quietly waited for me and came home with me, and it was so sweet and cute back then. 

Now, we can’t wait to see P1Harmony at one of their future tour stops and get even more amazing music from them. Did you see P1Harmony live this year? What is your favorite P1Harmony song? How did you like ‘Doom Du Doom?’ What would you ask the boys if you had the chance? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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