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P1Harmony Radiates ‘Swagger’ In New EP HARMONY : ZERO IN

P1Harmony Radiates ‘Swagger’ In New EP HARMONY : ZERO IN


The boys are back! And we’re here to Zero In on P1Harmony’s newest EP! With only being a two-year group, P1Harmony showed so much promise right from the start, and they’ve only excelled since then! The last EP we got from the group was DISHARMONY : FIND OUT, which seems to be the last of the DISHARMONY series. We have now moved on to HARMONY : ZERO IN, and wow, is it a change from previous releases.

‘Doom Du Doom’

If you’ve checked out any of P1Harmony’s title track MV’s before, you know how much darker they were. But the leading track, ‘Doom Du Doom,’ is so much brighter and has so much color. It’s also very playful. Speaking of playful, the MV takes us through P1Harmony’s own version of the Olympic games, which they obviously excel in. The track is also just so addicting; each member gets their time to shine, and they do, and more. Our favorite part of the track has to be the anti-drop, which y’all know we love so much. The lead-up to the “drop” is just so good! We also really liked the electric guitar opening and its occasional appearance throughout the track.

If you loved: ‘Doom Du Doom,’ then you’ll like ‘Follow Me.’

‘Black Hole’

Okay, so let’s talk about ‘Black Hole,’ because we really wanna talk about it. First, this could compete with ‘Doom Du Doom’ for the leading track. So ‘Black Hole’ is significantly different than ‘Doom Du Doom’ because most of ‘Black Hole’s’ verses consist of raps. It has such a nice party beat, and if you got to see their showcase for the EP, it translates so well to the stage! We gotta say this is our favorite track from the EP. As soon as you hit play, you’ll understand why.

If you loved: ‘Black Hole,’ then you’ll like ‘that$ money.’

‘Yes Man’

We slow things down a bit with ‘Yes Man’ as we fall back into a more extremely catchy Pop track. It’s a really cute love track, and we can 100% imagine it being played in the background of a YA romance movie/show. It is different than the other tracks on the list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. We really liked it! We also get to hear more members sing in this track, which is always a win.

If you loved: ‘Yes Man,’ then you’ll like ‘If You Call Me’


We love ‘Swagger’ so much, but we love the choreo for it even more. It really shows off the group’s dancing abilities. Also, If you didn’t know Intak, and Jongseob, had a hand in the lyrics for ‘Swagger,’ which is the reason why we all like it so much! It’s always nice when a group gets involved in the creation of their projects because it makes everything seem so much more special. The talent P1Harmony has really amazed us, and to think this is only the beginning!

If You loved: ‘Swagger,’ then you’ll like ‘Pyramid’

‘Mirror Mirror’

Much like ‘Black Hole, ‘ ‘ Mirror Mirror’ is a perfect example of noise music. It’s not overpowering, and everything is equal between the backtrack, vocals, and raps. ‘Mirror Mirror’ is all about that confidence you have, and how can you not find your confidence with the dance beat and refrain that kinda reminds us of the pre-chorus leading into the chorus of Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty.’ ‘Mirror Mirror’ comes in a close second to our favorite track on the EP.

If you loved: ‘Mirror Mirror,’ then you’ll like ‘Do It Like This’

‘Different Song For Me’

We always have to close out an EP with a ballad, and ‘A Different Song For Me’ is that ballad. We know we’ve been saying ‘favorite’ a lot, but this has to be our favorite ballad P1Harmony has done so far. It is so beautiful; we especially loved the lyrics. And yes, we may have shed a tear or two. Everyone’s vocals in this were just *chefs kiss.*

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If you loved: ‘A Different Song For Me,’ then you’ll like ‘Peacemaker’

If you’ve streamed HARMONY : ZONE IN, in its entirety, then you’ll know the track is so colorful and filled with tracks, in their own way, all about confidence. We can go on and on about how much we loved each track and try convincing you to stream it, but why not just give it a try yourselves? You can find where to stream right here.

We were right, weren’t we? P1Harmony’s new EP HARMONY : ZERO IN is going to be stuck on repeat, isn’t it? We told you our favorite tracks, so let us know yours in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

For more P1Harmony, look no further!

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