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In Preparation For Lightyear Let’s Rank the Toy Story Movies

In Preparation For Lightyear Let’s Rank the Toy Story Movies

It’s almost time! Disney’s latest masterpiece, Lightyear, is headed for Disney+ on August 3rd! We’re only about two weeks away, so to prepare to be entertained by our favorite space rangers, it’s only right that we somehow tie this into an excuse to watch even more Disney content, right?

The premise of Lightyear is that this is the movie Andy saw that made him want Buzz, so it’s a Toy Story prequel of sorts! So when we put it that way, it only makes sense that we would watch all four Toy Story films in preparation. We’ve just completed this task, and are fully ready to rank them here for you. Keep in mind, Toy Story is a classic series, and one we love deeply, this is all out of good fun!

(We had to include this clip below, how cute is Sox!!)

Toy Story 2

This one was easy, Toy Story 2 is when we get introduced to the Woody’s Roundup gang! This film gave us one of the most heartbreaking flashbacks in a Disney movie in the form of the ‘When She Loved Me’ scene, we are still recovering if we’re quite honest.

Toy Story

Toy Story is the OG and could have easily taken that top spot, this is one of our ultimate comfort films. From the toys meeting Buzz to the classic Disney track, ‘You Got A Friend In Me,’ Toy Story screams nostalgia.

And nostalgia is one of the greatest human weaknesses.

Toy Story 4

Listen, Toy Story 4 has Forky, that alone makes it stellar! We couldn’t have asked for a better, more emotional send-off to a series we’ve had with us for our whole childhoods. We get introduced to so many fun characters and get to see how these bonds have strengthened over the films.

Toy Story 3

We’re not saying at all that Toy Story 3 is bad, but come on, Andy getting rid of the toys, in a way felt like a chapter of our youth closing. This one was an emotional watch for a lot of the kids that grew up with the films and seems to be an overall unpopular pick amongst the four, though still an enjoyable film all the same.

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Disney has managed to make us feel like kids again with Lightyear, and we hope you guys have that experience as well!

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We would love to hear from you! How would you rank the Toy Story movies? Will you be watching Lightyear on August 3rd? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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