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Our 5 Favorite Tracks From ONEWE’s GRAVITY

Our 5 Favorite Tracks From ONEWE’s GRAVITY

ONEWE are back, but this time, with a very special release: their first full English album! We had never gotten an English release from them before so this was clearly a surprise – in the best way possible. GRAVITY has eleven tracks, ten of which are the English version of some of their previous songs: some of our title tracks and b-sides. This album serves also as an amazing look through their flawless discography. While they managed to flawlessly translate all of these songs, here are our top five!


The first song in the album is of course ‘GRAVITY’ – the title track, and the only song that is originally in English. And what a song this is. It opens the album with an amazing guitar riff and sets the atmosphere for an energetic, bright, and uplifting song. The anti-drop is exquisite and makes it so addictive – bonus points that we can actually sing at the top of our lungs to this one without butchering Korean. The bridge is also a massive highlight in this song with that mind-blowing guitar solo.

‘GRAVITY’ is such an incredible addition to ONEWE‘s discography. While it screams ONEWE, it also has a new and refreshing sound to it. It’s upbeat, addictive, and so groovy. They clearly feel in their element and created a truly special song!


This song needs no introduction: ‘Regulus’ is hands down one of ONEWE’s best songs, and it’s no debate. Its English version is no different! It can be very hard to translate songs, especially when they have such beautiful and emotional lyrics as ‘Regulus.’ Yet this version of the song manages to give the same feeling as the original. Even if ‘Regulus’ is one of ONEWE‘s earlier releases, we could never get tired of revisiting it. ‘Regulus’ remains a masterpiece in all its forms!


From their latest EP, Planet Nine: VOYAGER, ‘Montage_’ falls more on the rock side of ONEWE’s discography. And this new version of it hits just as much as the original version! The chorus in English almost makes it all the more addictive, and nothing could ever go wrong when you have such an amazing bridge in a song. The lyrics, the instrumental, the vocals… everything is perfect about this.


And speaking of ONEWE’s more rock side… There’s really something about the English version of ‘TRAUMA’ (titled ‘TRAUMA (Aquarium)’ when released in Korean). On this song, ONEWE tap into a more pop-punk influence and they nail it. This has always been a highlight in their discography and truly a special song. But here’s the thing, something in its English version makes it sound even more angsty and emo – and we’ll always be here for that.

‘End of Spring’

‘End of Spring’ is arguably one of ONEWE‘s most iconic title tracks – of course, it had to be included on GRAVITY! It has the perfect summer vibe and anthemic feel. It has one of the most perfect, addictive, and satisfying post-choruses ever made – and they didn’t lose that at all in this English version. While ‘End of Spring’ sounds incredibly bright and uplifting, we can’t say the same for its lyrics. That’s one of the best things about it. Its English version gives off the same energy, one we could never get tired of!

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What’s your favorite song on ONEWE’s GRAVITY? Which other song you would have loved to hear an English version of? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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