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8 Artists We Would Love To See 3RACHA Collab With

8 Artists We Would Love To See 3RACHA Collab With

Last year, Stray Kids had their first collaboration ‘Going Dumb’ with Alesso and CORSAK. This year, it’s not Stray Kids, but 3RACHA that gets their first-ever collab with Japanese artist: SKY-HI. ‘Just Breathe’ is incredible in every sense of the word. The raps are mind-blowing, and their tone and flow fit so well with SKY-HI. And the bridge. Chef kiss.

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Bottom line is: ‘Just Breathe’ is a blessing in our lives and it got us thinking about which other artists we would love to see 3RACHA collab with. Here’s eight of them – even though we’re rooting for them to collab with everyone in the industry but that’s beside the point.


The first artist on our list is a no brainer. Bang Chan has talked about them countless times, and he has nothing but praise for them. He always plays their tracks in his VLives and it is simply wholesome how much he loves them. So yes, our first pick goes dedicated to him because he deserves it. And frankly, we deserve this collab as well.

DPR LIVE’s style isn’t all that similar to 3RACHA’s but it is just enough to create something incredible when mixed together. It would be something truly special to see, and we’ll keep crossing our fingers for it to happen one day. DPR LIVE’s style could really highlight 3RACHA’s abilities and style, and it would bring out such a cool and fun side of them in an undoubtedly amazing song.


Another collab that happened last year was Changbin featuring in an F. HERO and MILLI song. It was so iconic and mind-blowing that we can’t help but wonder what a collab with MILLI would be like with the entirety of 3RACHA. Her rapping tone and technique are incredible and she could fit perfectly with all of 3RACHA’s varied styles. Bang Chan even expressed his admiration towards her skills in a VLive and she showed nothing but love for the boys.

Yes, it would be incredible to put them in a song together. It would be way too powerful.

Epik High

The impact Epik High has had on the K-Pop industry is undeniable. A collaboration between them and 3RACHA would be epic, to say the least (no pun intended). We already saw Changbin covering ‘Tomorrow,’ a song by Epik High‘s Tablo, and the way he captured the feeling was amazing. It’s been almost two years and it still lives rent-free in our minds. Yes. It was that good. Even if it isn’t an Epik High song per se, the point still stands.

To see this legendary group with a newer and fast raising producing unit would simply be incredible and would bring so many different people together. It would really be something.

BTS’ Rapline

It’s not a secret that Stray Kids and BTS have two of the best and strongest rap lines in the entire industry. Not only that but they’re all known for their incredible songwriting and producing abilities. Now, imagine if they were to make a collab.

Both every member of 3RACHA and every member of BTS‘ rap line have such unique styles that we believe would undeniably go extremely well together in a song. Not only they would fit and complement each other, but the song would literally blow our minds away. There’s no way it wouldn’t be incredible.


Seori is one of the most promising singer-songwriters out there right now. The genius she shows in her lyricism and her music in general is undeniable. And her soft angelic voice makes everything she does sound made in heaven. This can be a surprising pick as her music is most of the time more chill than 3RACHA’s, but that’s exactly why a collab between these two would be incredible.

Seori even has collaborated with many rappers before, such as GIRIBOY in her track ‘The Long Night.’ She would bring out a softer and different side of 3RACHA that they have showcased before in Stray Kids but not as a unit.

Also, we just know the lyrics of the song would be a heartbreaking masterpiece. (And we know Bang Chan loves her music as he played ‘Lovers In The Night’ on a VLive last year, so this is not that far of a reach.)


Hear us out because we have a vision here.

ONEWE‘s bassist and rapper, CyA, has actually produced songs for his band and even ONEUS. He has also released many songs on SoundCloud and collaborated with various artists on the platform such as producing one of The Boyz‘s Sunwoo’s solo songs. His production style is very distinctive and his talent is undeniable.

Now, imagine that with 3RACHA. We all know 3RACHA has also a very distinctive style and yet manage to do so many different things. We know how incredible they are in all aspects. If they ever were to collaborate with CyA, they would simply create something truly special and unique. (And if they threw Sunwoo in the mix as well we wouldn’t be mad about it either.)

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Back in 2019, we got a taste of what a collaboration between 3RACHA and (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon would look like when they took on the KCON stage and did ‘Runner’s High’ along with ATEEZ’s Hongjoong. And we’ll go back to Hongjoong in a bit but let’s talk about Soyeon first.

That small collab was everything and it only make us want a proper collaboration even more. Soyeon is known for not only being one of the best female rappers in the industry, but also for writing and producing most of (G)I-DLE’s discography. Her unique tone when it comes to rapping and singing, the mindblowing flows, and lyricism in her verses, would fit perfectly with 3RACHA’s dynamic. There’s absolutely no way these four incredible artists could be put together in a song and not create something worthy of a Grammy.

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong and BTOB’s Minhyuk

Yup. You are right. This is us manifesting for the comeback of Mayfly or at least the release of ‘Colors’ on streaming platforms.

Now if you don’t know, during Kingdom‘s third round, the groups had to put up three different collab stages each focusing on one domain: vocals, dance or rap. As Stray Kids teamed up with ATEEZ and BTOB, for the rap section: 3RACHA, ATEEZ’s Hongjoong and BTOB’s Minhyuk joined together for their ‘Color’ stage. It was simply incredible and it is criminal to think it was performed once. All their rapping styles shined creating this addictive, meaningful, and fun song. So yes, to get this again would be the dream.

And if they ever do collab again maybe they could, you know, add Mingi to the mix.

Which one of these artists would be your favorite collab? What artist outside of this list would you love to see 3RACHA have a collab with? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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  • I’d love to see a Collab with Hua Chen Yu! They all obviously live on the same whacky quirky planet. It would be beyony awesome!!!!

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