5 Songs Written By Stray Kids’ Han That Prove He’s A Musical Genius

We all know just how involved Stray Kids are in their music, especially the producing team 3RACHA. Han is not only the youngest member of 3RACHA, but he’s also the youngest idol in the top twenty-five idols most credited in KOMCA – and that alone is insane. But with Han, it isn’t all numbers. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that he’s an absolute genius when it comes to writing songs. Several songs on Stray Kids’ discography have solely been written by him, with the help of producers and composers – a lot of the time, Bang Chan. And while all his songs are absolutely incredible and highlights in Stray Kids’ discography – here are five of those songs that prove just how much of a musical genius Han is.

’19’ (Clé 1: MIROH, 2019)

While Han has always participated in the creation of most of the songs on Stray Kids’ discography, ’19’ was the first one that he wrote by himself. And the lyrics still hunt us to this day. Mixing pop with a strong RnB and hip-hop flare, in ’19,’ he reflects on becoming an adult and the anxieties of growing up. Not only does the song shines a light on every single member, but the lyrics are genuinely poignant and relatable. Even years later, this song still hits.

‘Another Day’ (GO LIVE, 2020)

Another Day‘ is a very special song in Stray Kids’ discography. It is by far their softer song, with only an acoustic guitar as a base for it. And we have Han to thank for it. This song might seem simple, but there are so many layers to it. Its melody, especially in the chorus, may sound comforting and soft, but the lyrics are incredibly raw and sad yet relatable. Han managed to embody the feeling of sadness in the everyday life routine in a beautiful song. It is truly a gem in Stray Kids’ discography.

‘I GOT IT’ (SKZ-Player, 2020)

Until now, we’ve mostly talked about chiller and sadder songs, but let’s not forget that Han is one of Stray Kids’ main rappers, and he’s one of the best out there. ‘I GOT IT’ proves it. It truly doesn’t take a genius to notice how good he’s at writing and rapping, but the play on words in this song is incredibly witty. ‘I GOT IT‘ highlights Han’s incredible abilities as a rapper, and we just love it. There’s a duality to his songwriting – there’s literally nothing he can’t do.

‘Wish You Back’ (SKZ-Player, 2021)

Something about Han and his songs (especially his solo songs) is that he gets inspiration from movies, and ‘Wish You Back‘ is one of them. He imagined how the characters would feel if he changed the ending of the 2016 movie Your Name, and based on that, he created one of his best songs. With an upbeat rhythm, ‘Wish You Back’ is all about missing someone, and it is addictive and catchy. Not only that, but the way he conveys emotions and creates imagery with the lyrics is just hauntingly beautiful. We might be biased here, but ‘You were the main character in the movie called me’ might be one of the best lyrics ever written.

And Han even wrote a continuation, ‘HaPpY,’ about moving on – which he also released through their YouTube series, SKZ-Player.

‘Winter Falls’ (Christmas EveL, 2022)

Last but definitely not least, ‘Winter Falls’ is, you might have guessed it, the perfect winter song. Not many songs manage to embody that winter sadness as well as this one. The lyrics are about missing someone, but instead of wishing them back, it’s about wishing to erase their memory. It’s heartbreaking but, at the same time, strangely very cozy. And what makes this even more special is that ‘Winter Falls’ was Christmas EveL‘s sub-title, making it Han’s first song to be a title track. It truly shows his growth as an artist and songwriter and also just how incredibly talented he is. A true genius.

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