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Stray Kids Save Christmas With ‘Christmas EveL’

Stray Kids Save Christmas With ‘Christmas EveL’

2021 isn’t close to being over for Stray Kids, as they give us one last gift: their first-ever Christmas release, Christmas EveL.

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Not only is it their first festive release, but also Christmas EveL is their first single album. With only three completely new songs, Stray Kids cover every mood possible this winter and we’re grateful for it. And yes, it’s more than safe to say that their discography remains flawless.

‘Christmas EveL’

If you mix Stray Kids with Christmas, ‘Christmas EveL’ is exactly what you get: a fun, witty, energetic song about how Christmas, well, isn’t always the best. And yet, this song makes our holidays this year all the much better. It’s new, refreshing, original, and catchy in the best way possible, and it’s safe to say no one but Stray Kids could pull this off, or even think of it. This type of Christmas song has never been tried before. But it’s Stray Kids, what did you expect?

Not only does the comedic music video embody perfectly the wittiness and cheekiness of ‘Christmas EveL,’ but it also represents perfectly Stray Kids’ vibe and energy as a whole. It showcases Stray Kids’ sense of humor as well as many inner jokes, and some parts of it are just peak comedy. It follows the same storyline we saw in the trailer for NOEASY earlier this year, so you understand the type of music video this is. 

‘Winter Falls’

Stray Kids didn’t go small when it comes to this release, because there’s also a second single: ‘Winter Falls.’

While ‘Christmas EveL’ is witty, fun, energetic and all kinds of explosive, the second title of this release is very different. ‘Winter Falls’ was written solely by Han and if you know anything about the songs he has previously written for Stray Kids, you probably know already this is a sad song. The lyrics, just like all his other songs, are simply beautifully heartbreaking. Over this lowkey upbeat guitar rhythm, they sing about winter bringing back memories of a past relationship. It is nostalgic, it is sad, and it is perfect for winter.

To summarize the music video simply: it is the perfect mixture between ‘Levanter’ and ‘B Me.’ The visuals are incredible, and the acting is outstanding. It truly encapsulates the mood of this heartbreaking song perfectly.

The B-sides

The last all-new song is ’24 to 25,’ a beautiful song perfect for Christmas that expresses wanting to spend Christmas Eve with Stays. It’s a sweet, soft song that highlights their vocals beautifully. Like we’ve seen in previous songs such as ‘You Can STAY,’ this b-side does play on words with the word Stay – and it makes it clear it’s dedicated to them. It’s the other side of the coin when it comes to ‘Christmas EveL’ and it’s in a way what you would expect a Christmas release would be – soft, slow, calm, comforting.

Now, if you thought the original version of ‘Domino’ went hard, you’re not ready for the English version of it. With Bang Chan and Felix translating the song with Junoflo, they clearly didn’t hold back and showed more confidence than ever. Stray Kids are indeed the genre themselves, and they know it.

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