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Here’s Why Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is An Incredible Leader

Here’s Why Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is An Incredible Leader

There are so many things to admire about Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan. Not only is he an all-rounder idol – he sings, raps, dances, produces, and more – but he’s also considered one of the best leaders out there. And we couldn’t agree more with that statement.

Here are some of the things we believe make him an incredible leader!

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

His Love For The Members

First thing’s first, if you think you’re the person that loves Stray Kids the most in the world, you’re sadly wrong – that’s Bang Chan.

It’s not only that he loves the team as a whole, but he has so much love for each member individually. It only takes you to watch one of his weekly Vlives to realize just how much love he has for them. The bond is even more special knowing that Bang Chan was the one to pick the members for the group, and he has called them countless times his family. It’s in small things like almost always having a profile picture with all of them in his bubble, or the way he looks at them, but also it’s in the way he talks about them – he even has said they saved him. It’s something so beautiful to see and impossible to describe. There’s so much love and adoration there.

Just know something: this man loves the kids (as he calls them) so much.

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

His Support For The Members

Bang Chan will always be the first one to stand up for Stray Kids, for the team, and for the members individually. He cares so much about them and again it’s in the small actions such as standing at the back making sure they’re all there, or taking the lead in interviews and helping whoever needs help. It takes two seconds to realize how Bang Chan is always there to back them up and support them in every single way possible. An example of it is through his weekly Vlive, he always makes sure to play the solo projects by all the members, and he always gives them the highest praises.

He’s incredibly supportive of the members and is always looking out for them.

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

How He’s Always There For Stays

What makes an incredible leader may be mainly their relationship to the members, but also their relationship to their fandom. And Bang Chan is amazing as a leader for Stays.

If there’s one thing that can embody how much he’s there for Stays it’s his weekly Vlive: ‘Chan’s Room.’ Just the fact that he takes the time to go live every week is incredible knowing all the hard work he does behind the scenes. The thing about ‘Chan’s Room’ is that Bang Chan created through this series such a safe and comforting place for everyone.

Even parting from that Vlive series, Bang Chan seems to always be there no matter what. He always makes sure to comfort and reassure Stays when something isn’t going right. Even looking through Stray Kids’ discography, there are many songs meant for Stays as reassurance and comfort. And overall, he’s one of the safest and most comforting idols out there.

Image Source: Chan’s Room Ep. 62 via VLive

His Input In Stray Kids’ Music

When we say Bang Chan is hardworking, that’s an understatement.

As of today, Bang Chan has over 100 songs registered on KOMCA, making him the 4th generation’s idol with the most copyrighted songs. Very few songs in Stray Kids discography are not touched by him. He writes, composes, and produces most songs in their discography. Not only that but all the original projects for SKZ-Record and SKZ-Player are composed and produced singlehandedly by him. He always works hard on Stray Kids’ songs as well as solo songs and has created a flawless discography.

And there’s so much that hasn’t even been released yet.

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

His Passion For Stray Kids

Overall, his passion for Stray Kids is truly unmeasurable. It’s not only that he loves the members and the group, or the amount of work he puts into it, but all together truly shows how much passion he has for Stray Kids as a whole – the music, the members, the fans.

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After being a trainee for seven years, Bang Chan really debuted putting his whole entire heart into his group, and that shows through every single one of his actions. He’s always involved as much as he can in not only the music but also the concepts behind the stages, the styling and the choreographies, and everything that surrounds Stray Kids.

It is truly incredible to see someone with so much passion for something they do. And that’s also part of being a great leader because no one believes in Stray Kids as much as he does.

Image source: JYP Entertainment

What’s your favorite thing Bang Chan has done for Stray Kids? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: JYP Entertainment

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