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3 Lyrics Where 3RACHA Ate And Left No Crumbs

3 Lyrics Where 3RACHA Ate And Left No Crumbs

“My boys spittin’ facts they locked and loaded.” If you know where this lyric is from, then kudos to you for knowing one of many of 3RACHA’s stellar songs because Bangchan, Changbin, and Han never disappoint! And speaking of facts, 3RACHA always comes through with upbeat, fierce verses that make you feel unstoppable

For the STAYS reading this, especially those who bias the rap line, grab your speakers or headphones because we know you’ll want to stream these songs again. Are you ‘ALL IN?’ Let’s get started!

Our copyrighted numbers won’t be ever stoppin.’ ‘Cause we still constructing, keep it comin.’ Ha, why you mad, brah?


There is no denying that 3RACHA, and the rest of Stray Kids, have and will continue to have great success with every album and single they release. The #1 that MAXIDENT achieved on the Billboard 200 last year was only the beginning, one of many accomplishments, and the rap subunit knows it! This self-titled drill song is not only an energetic, powerful masterpiece, but it is also the trio’s way of hyping themselves up, which is very much deserved with all of the hard work they put into everything they write and produce. 

You better get lost now … we stayed up for long nights, making this our own fortress…


In this powerful song, the talented trio talks about the years of hard work they have put into their craft and how they will defend what’s theirs. 3RACHA have spent years building up to the success that they now possess, and they will continue to construct their fortress to protect their ‘ZONE.’ And yes, Stays, we FINALLY have this phenomenal song on Spotify, so go stream it right now! The beat, the rap, and the flow are all *chef’s kiss.* 

It’s time I graduate, illuminate the world with my light…

‘Start Line’

Of course, we had to include a throwback song from the days when Bangchan, Changbin, and Han went by CB97, Spear B, and J.One, respectively. It feels kind of nostalgic just thinking about how far they have come in a couple of years. 3RACHA has been “running this far, non-stop,” and it’s great to see them thriving and doing what they love. 

Lastly, if you want to hear how amazing this trio sounds individually as well, here are a few songs to get you started from Stray Kids’ latest album, SKZ-REPLAY. 

See Also

Bangchan – ‘Connected’

Changbin – ‘DOODLE’

Han – ‘I GOT IT’

So what did you think of these songs? They’re catchy, right?  Needless to say that 3RACHA truly is “the perfect trio bound by blood.” With their songwriting, rapping, and singing skills, we can always count on them to release great music. 

If you love 3RACHA as much as we do, let us know what your favorite song is @thehoneypop! Want to read more about 3RACHA? Click here


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