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6 Best Songs By Foo Fighters For Your Playlist

6 Best Songs By Foo Fighters For Your Playlist

Everyone knows the Foo Fighters, and we mean everyone. Whether you remember your parents playing The Colour and The Shape when you were growing up, hearing ‘Everlong’ when scrolling through Tumblr, or the endless plethora of Dave Grohl memes that circle the internet – We’re sure you know the Foo Fighters. Here are six songs by the Foo Fighters that you need on your playlist.

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‘Everlong’ – Acoustic

Their most popular song, and for good reason, but the acoustic. Need we say more? No, but we will. It’s moody, emo, and one of the best songs out there for sad hours. Grohl’s voice is delicate, a stark contrast to his powerful shouts and growls (… pun intended). The acoustic guitar is soothing, and while the melody is upbeat, the tone of the song emulates sadness. The perfect track to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling to.


From their 2002 album, One by One, the song ‘Low’ captures the Foo Fighter’s origins well, with the influence of grunge heavy throughout the song. The drums carry a strong punch, creating a steady back beat for Grohl’s whispers and the intense, oversaturated guitar riffs panning to each side. Taylor Hawkins, who recently passed in 2022, shines on this track. His consistent, impressively fast-paced drum fills and strategically changed rhythm. 

‘Hey, Johnny Park!’

The punctuated riffs at the beginning of the song are bound to catch your attention, but then the riffs fade out, and Grohl’s voice is left with little instrumentation behind it before the song swoops in again with the intense riffs. It’s a perfect balance between a little bit sad, a little bit angry, and a little bit head-bang-y. 

Image Source: via Nasty Little Man PR

‘Best of You’

An iconic song from the Foo Fighters, if you will. The beginning melody of the guitar is delicate, allowing for the righteous punch in the gut that happens approximately 50 seconds into the song when the drums pick up. The bass begins thudding in the background and Grohl’s vocals straining and rasping with intensity. Hawkins does what he does best by the bridge, switching up the initial drum track, adding filler and the guitars come roaring to life. And by the end of the song, the half-time breakdown captures a beautiful melancholic melody that the lyrics convey throughout the song.

‘My Hero’

You probably recognize the name of this song, and the song itself, because of the clip of Taylor Hawkin’s son playing this song at his father’s tribute show in London. The lyrics are heart-wrenching, the melody of the song carrying Grohl’s vocals along seamlessly. The chorus hits hard, the dynamic of the song changes, and the intensity is palpable. A great song for your ‘emotionally tormented’ playlist.

‘Monkey Wrench’

Looking for a good rock song to slap onto your “rock staples” playlist? ‘Monkey Wrench’ is an upbeat, fast-tempo song that shows the beauty of a “normal” rock song. Steady guitar riffs, memorable guitar licks, chugging bass and a steady beat throughout the entirety of the song. The instruments melt together like butter. Oh? And the end? Really good to headbang to.

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