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We Saw Arlo Parks on Tour – Here’s Why You Should Too

We Saw Arlo Parks on Tour – Here’s Why You Should Too

Hey, we know we’ve been a little bit off and that’s our mistake–we’ve been daydreaming about going back to Arlo Park’s amazingly serene concert. Last Saturday’s concert was something that felt both intimate and receptive. The crowd was there to cheer on both acts and we quickly found out that they were all just as sweet as Arlo herself. As each song played, it was relevant that we all didn’t want it to end.

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The opening act, MICHELLE, was greeted with a roar of excitement. This five-person band held their own as they created a space for diversity and difference within their music. We got to hear songs such as SYNOPATE, SUNRISE and STUCK ON YOU. If you vibe with music that is a mixture of cultures and genres, similarities to Orion Sun and spill tab, then you’ll love this New York group. Listen to their music on here.

Arlo Parks Collapsed in Sunbeams Tour; MICHELLE opened up for Arlo.
Image Source:Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

Performing mostly off her new LP, Collapsed in Sunbeams, we got to hear ‘Eugene,’ ‘HURT,’ and ‘Hope’ amongst others up close and personal. Seeing Arlo Parks’ soft stage presence mix with the love she has for her band was uniquely amazing. There was never a dull moment as we got to listen to her poetry and guitar solos from her bassist and guitarist. Even though this stop at Brighton Music Hall was in the middle of her US tour, the energy didn’t lack one bit. 

Soaked in the richest of sunbeams, Arlo created this album with more parallels and metaphors than one can count alone. This album was meant to symbolize how we all go through good and bad but ultimately sitting in the richness that comes with those memories. Everything is meant to feel better both when you feel the warmth of the sun and when you listen to this album.

Arlo Parks Collapsed in Sunbeams Tour
Image Source:Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

Overall, from Arlo Parks’ poetic gentle nature to her creative genius-ness, it is clear that her love for life will always be present both on stage and off. To add that this concert was one for books would be an understatement as Arlo and her crew gave it their all. If you are thinking about attending the tour, we highly suggest you going as this laid-back and fun environment of a concert was definitely worth the wait.

Have you listened to Collapsed in Sunbeams yet? What song is your favorite live or on the album? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPopFacebook, or Instagram.

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Featured Image and Gallery Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

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