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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Stray Kids

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Stray Kids

Stray Kids is a K-pop boy group that debuted under JYP Entertainment on March 25, 2018. Before they debuted, they were part of a competition show also called Stray Kids. They started out as a 9-member group but now they are 8 members due to a member leaving in 2019. Their first pre-debut track as a group was called Hellevator. You can check out this track below.

But today, we are not here to profile Stray Kids. We will be listing 5 reasons why you should stan Stray Kids!


3RACHA is a sub-unit of Stray Kids made up of members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han. They release their music via SoundCloud and are often credited for writing most of Stray Kids’ discography. They put out their first mixtape, J:/2017/mixtape, on January 18, 2017. This is a rap unit. They have absolute bops! Below is one of our favorite tracks from them.

2. Unique Songs

Stray Kids has covered many different concepts. From hip-hop to cute boyfriend style, they are known for their unique songs and concepts. One song that is very unique is ‘Side Effects’. At first listen it can seem very experimental but as you listen to it more, you see how good of a song it really is. One of our favorite tracks is ‘Get Cool’. This song is more of a pop style song with a cute boyfriend concept. It plays with a lot of words in Korean which makes this song stand out from other groups’ tracks. Take a listen. You won’t regret it.

3. English-Speaking Members, Felix and Bang Chan

Two members are from an English-speaking country. Group leader Bang Chan and lead dancer/rapper Felix grew up and were raised in Australia. They still struggle with the Korean language as they are not yet fluent. They still work hard for their group even with the language barrier. Aren’t they just adorable? We seem to think so! Below is a cute video of them just speaking English.

4. Their Unity

As mentioned before, they started out as a 9-member group. However, in 2019, the member Woojin left the group suddenly. Even though this happened, they have stayed united as a group, not letting this get them down. They really are amazing in this. In recent years of K-pop, there have been many groups where members have left and it is hard for some of them to bounce back. But not with Stray Kids. This is definitely one thing that draws our attention to them.

5. Their Teamwork

One thing that really stands out about them is how well they work together. When you watch them on stage or just playing around, you can tell that there isn’t a favorite member. They all love each other equally and care for each other. They work hard when performing on stage together and really try to be one. Those are amazing qualities.

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So finally…

We have listed five reasons why you should stan Stray Kids. I hope this article has helped to see why we love them as much as we do. We hope you will love them even more so if you don’t already.

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