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6 Songs BLACKPINK’s Rosé Covered

6 Songs BLACKPINK’s Rosé Covered

Rosé‘s voice could be recognized anywhere and she’s one of the reasons why BLACKPINK‘s songs are so special. Her love for music definitely is transmitted by the power and emotion in her voice, and whatever song she takes on, she does it wonderfully. So, these are six of our favorite covers by BLACKPINK’s main vocalist: Rosé.

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‘The Only Exception’ by Paramore

We’ll start off with a more recent one. Mid May 2020, Rosé went live on Instagram with Loren to play some covers, and ‘The Only Exception’ was the highlight of it. While she did cover other songs like ‘Wayo’ by Yedam and ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay, there’s something so special and unforgettable about her rendition of ‘The Only Exception.’ The Paramore classic isn’t an easy song to cover at all, especially when it comes to conveying the emotion and strength of the lyrics, but Rosé made the song hers and gave us a beautiful version of it with her sweet voice.

‘The Christmas Song’ by Nat King Cole

Now, this is a short one but it had to make it into our list. For Christmas in 2019, Rosé covered one of the Christmas classics: ‘The Christmas Song,’ originally by Nat King Cole. With a cover of fewer than 2 minutes, Rosé’s sweet voice conveyed the whole Christmas feeling perfectly and her voice just sounds gorgeous in this cover. It shows how Rosé’s unique tone can make a song that has been covered a hundred times so much more special. 

The ‘Let It Be,’ ‘You And I,’ and ‘Only Look At Me’ Medley

During one of BLACKPINK‘s tours, each member had a solo stage and for Rosé it was this. She performed a beautiful medley of; ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles, ‘You And I’ by Park Bom, and ‘Only Look At Me’ by Taeyang. The medley starts with a simple piano and her angelic voice, and just with that, she can bring such an energy to the whole stadium. While the songs transition from one to the other seamlessly, it picks up more on ‘Only Look At Me’ with the addition of a drum. Yet, the performance was solely focused on her vocals and she sounds so angelic as she takes on these iconic songs.

‘If It Is You’ by Jung Seunghwan

If you need any more proof of why Rosé is BLACKPINK‘s main vocalist–this is it. In 2017, Rosé went to Masked Singer, and for the second round, she did a cover of ‘If It Is You’ by Jung Seunghwan. The song fits her voice perfectly and it allows her to showcase some of the best qualities in her tone. The power in her vocals is unmatched and to think she did this in BLACKPINK’s rookie year is totally insane.

‘Someone You Loved’ by Lewis Capaldi

Just like her medley, ‘Someone You Loved’ was Rosé’s solo stage during a BLACKPINK tour. Not only did she add some drums and backup vocals to the song instead of only keeping the piano like in the original, but her unique voice fits the Lewis Capaldi song perfectly, and she simply sounds absolutely beautiful. It’s just her and the microphone, but the emotion can be felt in her voice. This song has already been covered by a lot of others, but this must be one of the best versions out there. She made it her own while staying true to the original. The unique tone, the angelic voice… it’s simply perfect. 

‘Eyes Closed’ by Halsey

And of course, we couldn’t leave this one out. For her birthday in 2019, Rosé released her cover of ‘Eyes Closed,’ a song off of Halsey’s second album. In this cover, Rosé’s voice is full of emotion and you can just feel the heartbreak and hurt. The production of the cover makes it all the more gorgeous since it’s a stripped-down version. It is also that mixed with the power of her voice and her ability to transmit emotions, making the song even more heartbreaking (and it’s already a pretty heartbreaking song, to begin with). It really shows her talent, love, and passion for what she does.

What’s your favorite cover from Rosé? What song would you love to see her cover? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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