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12 Rosé Fancams That Can Make Her Your BLACKPINK Bias

12 Rosé Fancams That Can Make Her Your BLACKPINK Bias

No one’s doing it like Park Chaeyoung, better known as Rosé of BLACKPINK! From her gorgeous voice to her stunning visuals, she’s truly one of the it-girls of the K-Pop industry. Whether it’s with Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa or during a solo promotion, she constantly brings her best efforts to every performance she gives, leaving her heart out on the stage every time she graces us with her presence. Here are 12 Rosé fancams that will either make you more confident in having her as your bias or wreck any other BLACKPINK biases you might have!


Let’s throw it back to when we first fell in love with Rosie during BLACKPINK’s debut era! She looked so excited to be performing with her bandmates, and you could tell that the crowd’s energy really fueled her. We’re still not over her high note in the pre-chorus. 


With a firm shoulder roll and fluid movements throughout, Rosé was really something else throughout BLACKPINK’s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ promotions. It showed off her incredible dancing in a way we hadn’t seen before while giving us the Redsé content we never knew we needed!

‘Don’t Know What To Do’

We’re sure most BLINKs would agree with us that ‘Don’t Know What To Do’ is an iconic Rosé-driven song that she really makes her own, and this Music Core fancam proves it! Between her vocals and her Barbie-esque looks, we can’t get enough. Now we’re just waiting for a solo cover to come out on a Rosie mini-album with ‘GONE’ – the guitars on both songs would complement each other so well. 

‘Forever Young’

Rosé totally captured the fun vibes of ‘Forever Young’ with her bubbly attitude and stage presence. Come on, look at the huge smile on her face as she performs! It creates the perfect atmosphere for summer and makes us want to throw a pool party with all our fellow BLINKs.


Part of what made Rosé’s solo debut so incredible was getting to hear her own voice and perspective shine through in her work, and ‘GONE’ is the perfect example. Her stunning SBS Inkigayo performance shows off her emotive vocals and how well she captures difficult feelings in her lyrics. Is anyone else crying their eyes out or just us?

‘How You Like That’

The ‘How You Like That’ era showed off Rosé’s inspiring confidence in a way like never before. We loved her cool-toned hair and the effortless energy she exuded during every performance and appearance. Ladies and gentlemen (and those who identify otherwise), her

‘Kill This Love’

The choreography for ‘Kill This Love’ really highlighted Rosie’s sharp moves and dance talent! She gave us all the Main Pop Girl energy with her sleek strutting, and that backward lean on the chorus’ “let’s kill this love” line. And her vocals were as sweet as honey on the pre-choruses she alternated with Jisoo

‘Lovesick Girls’

‘Lovesick Girls’ gave us such a fun era with adorable outfits, and this preppy costume on SBS Inkigayo has been living in our minds rent-free since we first watched this performance. It shows off Rosé’s cutesy side while still being modern and sleek enough that she can dance her heart out. And trust us, she danced, sang, and jumped her heart out during this amazing stage!

‘On The Ground’

Rosie shows off her ability to command a stage in this powerful clip for ‘On The Ground!’ Her timing is perfect, and her movements are effortlessly fluid. All the while, her adorable co-ord costume shows off her impeccable fashion taste.

‘Playing With Fire’

Our love for Rosé is on fire thanks to this incredible ‘Playing With Fire’ fancam. That confident strut in the intro could totally fit on a high-fashion runway, and every single movement in this choreo looks amazingly smooth. It makes it so clear that Rosie’s happy place is on stage in front of BLINKs, and we can’t get enough!

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‘Pretty Savage’

BLACKPINK’s stop at Music Core was one of our favorite promotions of their era for The Album, and this fancam of ‘Pretty Savage’ shows off exactly why. Rosé looked absolutely beautiful, and her timing with the choreo was on point. She’s one of the few people who could make a denim jacket look that fabulous! 

‘Someone You Loved’

One of the best displays of Rosé’s vocal talent was this cover of Lewis Capaldi’s heart-wrenching ‘Someone You Loved,’ which she performed on BLACKPINK’s 2020 In Your Area Tour. We love her softer take on the ferocious bridge vocals, and she looked like a fairy princess!

Which of these fancams is your favorite? Are there any iconic videos we missed? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more BLACKPINK content to help you through this BLINK drought, click here



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