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5 Reasons Why We Wanna Be Besties With Jennie Kim

5 Reasons Why We Wanna Be Besties With Jennie Kim

Nobody’s perfect, but we at THP believe one of the people closest to perfection is none other than Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK! We’ve adored Jennie since she debuted with BLACKPINK in 2016, and it’s been amazing to see how far she and her bandmates have come in the past few years. The only downside of their incredible rise? They aren’t our best friends.

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Whenever we watch cute BLACKPINK videos or Jennie’s personal vlogs, we can’t help but wonder what it’s like to hang out with the girls, especially Queen Kim. So here are five of the many reasons why we think Jennie would make a great bestie!

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Her Glamorous Style

Imagine getting to raid Jennie’s gorgeous closet, from her Chanel pieces to the stunning looks she’s worn in music videos! There’s a reason she’s one of Korea’s biggest fashion icons. From performance outfits to her more casual streetwear, she never misses, and we love that she can balance classy and edgy aesthetics so effortlessly.

Her Love of Food

Come on, relatable! We bet Jennie would always know the best desserts to bring to a sleepover and make delicious meals when you go to her place for dinner. She even filmed a vlog where she made Korean dumplings with her bandmate, Jisoo. Of course, we’re jealous we weren’t invited to their cooking party, but at least we can live vicariously through Jennie’s vlogs. If she had her own restaurant, we’d be sitting there all day.

Her Confidence

Jennie is always on her A-game when it comes to self-love and being the best version of herself. We feel like she’d be such an encouraging BFF, whether it was hyping up your selfies or convincing you to try out a new outfit you’re not entirely sure of. She inspires us to work on our self-esteem and confidence every day! 

Her Music Taste

Just like us, Jennie loves superstars like Rihanna and Lauryn Hill. She’s covered some of our favorite songs of all time, including Daniel Caesar and H.E.R.’s ‘The Best Part.’ We know she’d have the best playlists to jam out to on long car rides and we’d love to try karaoke with her. And, of course, she’s in BLACKPINK, one of our favorite K-Pop groups ever! We’d probably make her sing hits like ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ and ‘Ice Cream’ with us all the time, not gonna lie.

Her Kindness

Whether it’s helping animal hospitals find homes for abandoned animals, donating money to help Korean wildfire victims, or just letting Blinks know they’re loved, Jennie is constantly looking out for those around her. She checks on her bandmates throughout performances and appearances, taught Lisa some dance moves when she first became a trainee, and even helps Jisoo improve her English by cooking and translating interview questions she has trouble understanding. We adore her heart!

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What’s your favorite thing about Jennie? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And to meet more Blinks, be sure to join our Discord server, The Hive!

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